MPEG-2 TS to iPad shareware

OJOsoft HD Video Converter tells you how to reformat MPEG-2 TS to iPad fast. It is the most powerful MPEG-2 TS to iPad transcoder to turn MPEG-2 TS to iPad or convert other videos to Xbox 360, 3G2 audio, MP4, VOB, etc.. Free download the MPEG-2 TS to iPad conversion software now.

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Decoder for MPEG-2 TS to iPad download free

Download and run the changer software of OJOsoft HD Video Converter. And you can also download OJOsoft HD Video to Apple iPad Patch, a free program to OJOsoft HD Video Converter which offers several profiles for MPEG-2 TS to iPad conversion.

How to turn MPEG-2 TS files to iPad

What you need to do now is to convert MPEG-2 TS video to iPad with the help of following MPEG-2 TS files to iPad guide and the powerful MPEG-2 TS to iPad format converter.

MPEG-2 TS to iPad shareware

1. Press Browse by Input File Name section and input MPEG-2 TS files that you want to change.

2. It is time to set the output format and profile for the MPEG-2 TS to iPad conversion.

When changing MPEG-2 TS to iPad or iPad 2, set MOV output format and Apple iPad - Standard Quality - (MPEG4, 30 fps, 640*480) to be the output profile. You can use Edit button to adjust the parameters so that the device can better play it.

3. Click the convert button and now the encoder program will recode MPEG-2 TS to iPad with the fast speed. The process bar will show you the whole process about how the converter software change MPEG-2 TS into iPad format.

More functions of the MPEG-2 TS to iPad encoder application

With all decoders and encoders built in, OJOsoft HD Video Converter is not only the MPEG-2 TS to iPad converter, it is also your best choice to deal with HD video files. It can convert among HD video files, convert video to HD, convert HD videos to SD (Standard-Definition) videos at an unmatchable speed and high quality. Windows ALL supported and virus-free.

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What is MPEG-2 TS and iPad

Info on MPEG-2 TS

There are two major variants of MPEG-2 TS(MPEG-2 transport stream). If multiple programs are muxed into the TS, it's called an MPTS, or Multiple Program Transport Stream. This is generally used for more traditional broadcasting like DVB or over the air HDTV. If only a single program is muxed into a TS it's considered an SPTS or Single Program Transport Stream.

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The first generation of iPad weighs in at 1.5 pounds for the WiFi-only model while the iPad 2's WiFi-only model weighs in at 1.3 pounds. But it doesn't a big difference.

MPEG-2 TS to iPad shareware - More encoders

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