Convert FLV to MOV - FLV to MOV Converter

The following guide is about how to decode FLV to MOV fast with OJOsoft Total Video Converter, the most powerful FLV to MOV conversion shareware to create FLV to MOV, AVI, iPod, ASF, Apple TV, SWF, Creative Zen, or convert to MOV from H.264, QT, DVR-MS, MPG, etc.. Learn details about how to use the FLV to MOV converter.

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Convert FLV to MOV with FLV to MOV conversion application

The FLV to MOV converting program image and the following steps of converting FLV videos to MOV show how to save FLV to MOV clearly. See the easy flash demo of the FLV to MOV guide.

Convert FLV to MOV - FLV to MOV Converter

1. After running the FLV to MOV converting software, it is time to input your source files into the conversion application.

Click the Browse next to the Input File Name section, locate the input FLV videos with the extension of .flv in the file selection window. Select the item and hit Open button to import the file into the conversion application. Once you do this, the file you select will appear in the Input field.

2. Make sure you set the right target file format and profile to create FLV to MOV.

To copy FLV to MOV, hit TO MOV to set the output format. There is a drop-down menu in the MOV Profile field, where you open to select various quality setting, including display aspect, resize method, channels, volume, video bit rate. Remember that the higher the output quality is, the longer time it takes to decode. Edit button next to is just for the output settings adjustment.

3. Complete the saving from FLV to MOV by clicking the large convert button. The progress bar beside the button will fill as the FLV videos recode to MOV. Once finished, a pop-up screen will inform you that all FLV files were reformatted into MOV. Click OK, and you can use the new MOV files.

Easy-to-use FLV to MOV converter shareware features

OJOsoft Total Video Converter is the all-in-one FLV to MOV conversion shareware to recode FLV to MOV , while it can convert to popular formats from ASF, H.264, MXF, 3GP, AVCHD, etc.. To transcode MP4 to MPG, MOV to AVI, AVI to VOB, MPEG to AVI, MP4 to WMV, MOV to WMV, the FLV to MOV will as well be your best choice.

The FLV to MOV converting tool, OJOsoft Total Video Converter, with user-friendly interface and batch conversion feature, is safe-to-install and you will be never worried about the virus. With all decoders and encoders built-in, the converter provides all-in-one solution for you, Windows 7, XP, Vista supported.

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FLV format and MOV - Important info

FLV information

More about FLV: FLV file format supports two versions of a so called 'screenshare' (Screen video) codec which is an encoding format designed for screencasts. Both these formats are bitmap tile based, can be lossy by reducing color depths and are compressed using zlib. The second version is only playable in Flash Player 8 and newer. Audio in Flash Video files is usually encoded as MP3. However, audio in Flash Video FLV files recorded from the user's microphone use the proprietary Nellymoser codec. FLV files also support uncompressed audio or ADPCM format audio. Recent versions of Flash Player 9 support AAC (HE-AAC/AAC SBR, AAC Main Profile, and AAC-LC).

What is MOV

The MOV file format is a multimedia container format that can store one or more tracks of data such as video, audio, text, and effects. Each track can either contain a digitally encoded media stream, playable using the appropriate codec, or a data reference to a media stream located in another file. In practice this means that it can be easily edited since there is no need to rewrite all media data after editing. Tracks are maintained in a hierarchical data structure consisting of objects called atoms. An atom can be a parent to other atoms or it can contain media or edit data, but it can't contain both.

Convert FLV to MOV - Easy converters

OJOsoft FLV Converter is best for FLV conversion such as MXF to FLV, FLV to iRiver, WMV to FLV, FLV to MPEG, easy-to-use and safe-to-install.

With lots of codec built in, OJOsoft iPod Video Converter can realize conversions from AVI to iPod, MPG to MP4, AVCHD to iPod, H.264 to iPod, quickly and easily.

OJOsoft HD Video Converter, for changing FLV to MOV, is also the easy-to-use video encoder for you to realize the conversion of MOV to AVI, DivX to AVI, WMV to MOV, WMV to MP4, safe-to-install and virus-free.

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