Creative ZEN X-Fi video MP3 player built with X-Fi technology

This page is about Creative ZEN X-Fi multimedia video MP3 player built with X-Fi technology, tells you what the difference is between ZEN and ZEN X-Fi, and ZEN X-Fi supported video and audio formats, how to convert videos for ZEN X-Fi using OJOsoft Total Video Converter with OJOsoft Video to ZEN X-Fi Patch, and teaches you how to create a now playing list on Creative ZEN X-Fi.

Creative ZEN X-Fi

Released on July 10, 2008, Creative ZEN X-Fi is the improved model of Creative ZEN with some new features, such as X-Fi technology, Wi-Fi, and online chat. Creative ZEN X-Fi is the first MP3 player to restore the quality of compressed music with X-Fi Xtreme Fidelity Audio technology, and you can hear your music in crystal clear clarity. ZEN X-Fi allows you to increase the size of your portable media library with an SD or SDHC card. It even supports wireless media streaming from a home network. With built-in speaker, you can share your music out loud no need for external speaker. The integrated FM radio enables you catch the latest hits on the music scene.

What is the difference between Creative ZEN and Creative ZEN X-Fi

The biggest difference between Creative ZEN and Creative ZEN X-Fi is that ZEN X-Fi is equipped with X-Fi Xtreme Fidelity technology which is the new audio standard from Creative and restores details and expands your audio to surround sound.

Creative ZEN X-Fi came out with Wi-Fi technology, thus gives you lots of space for web-browsing.

ZEN X-Fi supports less common lossless audio format FLAC, whereas ZEN does not.

With the integrated voice recorder, ZEN X-Fi allows you to record the important meetings or personal audio memos.

Creative ZEN X-Fi video and audio formats

Creative ZEN X-Fi supports a wide range of video and audio codec. Accepted video formats are WMV9, MPEG4-SP, DivX 4/5 and XviD. You can also use this best video conversion program: OJOsoft Total Video Converter to convert other video types for ZEN X-Fi. It can convert between any video format, such as converting MKV to WMV, AVI to MP4, FLV to XviD, MOV to DivX, etc with fast speed and good output quality. What makes it superior to other converters is that it is now equipped with OJOsoft Video to ZEN X-Fi Patch. In this patch, 2 specially designed profiles were preset according to Creative ZEN X-Fi video parameters, and enables you convert videos and watch them on ZEN X-Fi freely.

Creative ZEN X-Fi can play almost all the popular audio formats, including MP3, WMA, Non-protected AAC (.m4a) from iTunesĀ® Plus, WAV (IMA ADPCM), Audible 4. You can also use OJOsoft Audio Converter for converting other audio files for ZEN X-Fi.

Create a now playing list on Creative Zen X-Fi

Here is the step-by-step guide to create a playlist on your Creative ZEN X-Fi.

First, you should think of the NOW PLAYING list as the select songs to be added to a playlist. So you should start with clearing out the NOW PLAYING list as follows: from the MUSIC menu, select NOW PLAYING, and when a song is shown on screen, click the content menu, then select REMOVE, REMOVE ALL, now the NOW PLAYING list is empty.

Then you need select the songs you want to add to your new playlist. Go to an individual song, click the context menu, and select ADD TO SELECTED, and go to another desired song, and do step 2 again, until all done.

Now, to create a NEW playlist, go to the MUSIC menu, then
1. Select NOW PLAYING, it will show you the first song that you selected
2. Press the right button, to scroll through all of the other songs you selected, when any song is shown on screen, click the context menu
3. Select SAVE AS PLAYLIST, and type the name for your new playlist, and click checkmark
Now all of the songs in the NOW PLAYING list are saved as your New playlist.

HD Video to ZEN X-Fi Patch and DVD to ZEN X-Fi Patch

With this patch program: OJOsoft HD Video to ZEN X-Fi Patch, OJOsoft HD Video Converter provides you an easy way to convert and watch HD videos on Creative ZEN X-Fi. Install it, you will see 2 specially designed profiles according to Creative ZEN X-Fi video parameters: Creative ZEN X-FI - (XviD, 512 kbps, 15 fps, 320*240) and Creative ZEN X-FI Good Quality- (DIVX, 768 kbps, 20 fps, 320*240). You can select one of them based on what you want.

OJOsoft DVD to ZEN X-Fi Patch is a patch program to OJOsoft DVD Ripper. It will help you a lot when you need rip and convert your favorite DVD movies for ZEN X-Fi with specially designed profile.

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