OJOsoft HD Video to ZEN X-Fi Patch Free Download

HD to X-Fi changer and the free patch

ZEN X-fi is one of the best built Zens to date, available in 8GB (no Wi-fi), 16GB, 32GB. With the size of 83mm*55mm*12.8mm and weight of 68g, ZEN X-fi is very sturdy with button tolerances that are on point. It feels better than the Zen and is much less toy like.

OJOsoft HD Video to ZEN X-Fi Patch is a free patch program to the HD to X-Fi changer of OJOsoft HD Video Converter. The free patch can help you a lot to re-encode HDs to ZEN X-Fi with ideal quality. In the patch, we preset 2 profiles designed especially for ZEN X-Fi according to its video parameters. Go here to know more information about Creative ZEN X-Fi video MP3 player built with X-Fi technology.

NOTE: If you didn't install OJOsoft HD Video Converter yet, it will automatically download the changer on your computer when you download OJOsoft HD Video to ZEN X-Fi Patch.


Re-encode HD to ZEN X-Fi

1. Download and install the changer - OJOsoft HD Video Converter
2. Download OJOsoft HD Video to ZEN X-Fi Patch and install
3. Run OJOsoft HD Video Converter
4. Input HD files you want to re-encode
5. You can select "To AVI" as the output video format.
6. Click the profile box to open the drop down list. You will find 2 profiles at the bottom we preset for your ZEN X-Fi:
    Creative ZEN X-FI - (XviD, 512 kbps, 15 fps, 320*240)
    Creative ZEN X-FI Good Quality- (DIVX, 768 kbps, 20 fps, 320*240)
7. Choose the upper profile for the output. And click "Edit" to customize more parameters if need
8. Hit the big button "Convert" to re-encode HD to ZEN X-Fi

About OJOsoft HD Video Converter

OJOsoft HD Video Converter is a high quality HD video conversion tool to re-encode all HD or SD files such as re-encode QuickTime to Zune, changing VOB to 3GP, change VOB to FLV. Specifically, it really is the best changer for HD to ZEN X-Fi conversion with OJOsoft HD Video to ZEN X-Fi Patch. Enjoy fantastic video on your beloved ZEN X-Fi now.

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