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OJOsoft HD Video Converter is a quite powerful tool to convert M2TS to MP4, M2TS to WMV, M2TS to AVI, M2TS to Youtube, M2TS to QuickTime, M2TS to MJPEG, etc.. Proudly it specializes in converting among HD files, like converting HD M2TS to HD MKV. It is your best M2TS converter, free download and have a try.

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M2TS converter convert M2TS files extension

Convert M2TS to MP4

It is rather easy to use the M2TS converter to convert M2TS files to MP4 format.

Codec for M2TS to WMV file format

The M2TS converter enables you to enjoy the M2TS to WMV format with a high quality.

M2TS to Xbox player conversion

For converting M2TS to Xbox portable players, you have no hesitancy to choose the M2TS converter. It is such a good converter that you should not miss it.

Technical HD M2TS to HD MKV converter

The M2TS converter specializes in converting among HD video files, convert video to HD, HD videos to SD (Standard-Definition) videos. It is the best technical tool for you to convert HD M2TS to HD MKV and to watch high quality video fluently.

M2TS to MJPEG format extension

Your rightest decision - choosing the M2TS converter to convert M2TS files to MJPEG video format.

Best M2TS to AVI converter

Best M2TS converter to gives you the best conversion from M2TS to AVI.

Conversion from M2TS to Youtube file format

In order to achieve a nice conversion from M2TS to Youtube format, you'd better adopt the M2TS converter as your ideal tool.

M2TS to QuickTime - your ideal M2TS converter

What you need to is to believe the M2TS converter and follow the easy instructions it offers, the conversion from M2TS to QuickTime will never let you down.

Converting M2TS to VOB

Easy conversion from M2TS to VOB with a high quality, the M2TS converter can do for you.

M2TS to TS converter

The M2TS converter will show a professional conversion from M2TS to TS format. Free trial.

M2TS to MOV format

Just believe the M2TS converter, it can convert M2TS files to MOV format to your prefect level through its easy, quick and high-quality conversion.

M2TS converter to convert M2TS to MPG

The M2TS converter is your helpful tool to convert M2TS to MPG format. Make up your mind immediately.

M2TS to Adobe Premier

The M2TS converter is the best to convert M2TS files to Adobe Premier video format.

M2TS Converter - important items

What's the difference between M2TS and TS?

Their difference is mainly in packet size. M2TS adds a four byte timestamp to each packet which can help with timing during playback (192 byte packets vs 188 byte in .ts files). M2TS is found on BDs while TS is mostly used for TV recordings.

OJOsoft Total Video Converter is your another choice to converter M2TS to other audio or video formats. It is as excellent as the M2TS converter.

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