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OJOsoft Total Video Converter guides you to convert YouTube video to MPG in a simple way. Taking advantage of this YouTube to MPG converter, you can easily convert YouTube MPG, download YouTube to MPG or save YouTube to MPG. Free download and try.

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Convert YouTube videos to MPG steps

Follow the steps and you will be given a nice conversion from YouTube to MPG.

Convert YouTube to MPG - YouTube to MPG

  • Hit TO MPEG button in the YouTube to MPG converter interface
  • Set the output folder for YouTube to MPG by clicking Browse button
  • Edit MPG profiles by clicking the Edit button
  • Select YouTube videos for converting to MPG by pressing the upper Browse
  • Convert YouTube video to MPG by clicking Convert button

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MPG is an abbreviation of MPEG (Moving Pictures Expert Group) to fit the 8.3 filename format of FAT system. Most videos out there are stored in this format. AVI (Audio Video Interleave) has been the long standing format to save and deliver movies and other video files. It has been around for a very long time and has been improved over time.

MPG format is a lossy encoding of video and audio, sacrificing little detail to save space. MPG videos are very prominent in the internet where bigger files take longer to download, so it makes sence to encode in a smaller file size even if there is a minor loss in quality. AVI is used when you want to capture or show lots of detail, which was the standard in video CDs. AVI usually takes up a lot of space since lots of information needs to be saved.

Here OJOsoft HD Video Converter is also recommended to download YouTube to MPG or save YouTube to MPG. It is quite powerful to download videos from YouTube MPG. As to convert YouTube video to MPG, you can depend on it absolutely.

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