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OJOsoft Total Video Converter is an easy SWF converter software to convert video to SWF while make conversion of SWF movie to other video or audio files. Free download. Free download.

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SWF conversion with SWF converter

Batch converting video to SWF format

The SWF converter can batch convert video to SWF format in an easy way such as AVI tp SWF, WMV to SWF, MOV to SWF, FLV to SWF, M4V to SWF, MP4 to SWF, etc..

Convert SWF movie to other video or audio files

The SWF converter is best for converting SWF to other videos or audios like SWF to MP4, SWF to MPEG, SWF to WMA, SWF to MPG, SWF to MP3 and so on.

Open SWF to iPod

To play SWF video on iPod, the SWF converter is the big help.

Conversion for SWF files to MPEG

The SWF converter can make conversion for SWF files to MPEG easy and fast.

Convert AVI to SWF video

The SWF converter can best convert AVI to SWF video with high quality.

MP4 to SWF converter

It is also an easy MP4 to SWF converter to convert MP4 to SWF.

SWF to WMA conversion software

Best SWF to WMA conversion software for converting SWF to WMA audio.

Tool to convert SWF to MP4

The SWF converter is a powerful tool to convert SWF to MP4.

SWF to MPG conversion

The SWF converter is designed for SWF video to MP4 conversion.

Fast converter for SWF to MP3 audio

It is the fast SWF to MP3 converter to make SWF to MP3 conversion easy.

Quick to convert WMV to SWF

The SWF converter can convert WMV to SWF quickly.

Best MOV to SWF converter

It is the best MOV to SWF converter for your choice.

Converting FLV to SWF

Easy for converting FLV to SWF video.

M4V to SWF converting application

It is also an easy-to-use M4V to SWF converting application.

Rip DVD to SWF video

OJOsoft DVD Ripper is the highest quality DVD to SWF converter to rip DVD to SWF format in an easy way.

HD video to SWF format

To convert HD videos to SWF format, you can choose OJOsoft HD video converter.

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Both swf and flv files are progressive and do not require the entire file to be downloaded in order to begin playback. FLV is better for longer videos with more action ans using FLV generates much smaller files than SWF. Swf output can be of lossless quality whereas flv is lossy (compressed). Swf is limited to 16,000 frames for a single timeline which means longer videos or higher framerates may not be possible.

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