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OJOsoft Total Video Converter is a professional and powerful H.264 Zune converter which can perfectly change H.264 to Zune or other formats like BlackBerry, Zune, 3GP, iPod, and make conversion to Zune from MJPEG, RMVB, WMV, TS, OGM, MXF, etc.. With easy-to-use interface and super fast converting speed, it makes H.264 to Zune conversion process quite simple. Follow the step-by-step H.264 to Zune guide.

Click here to free download the H.264 to Zune converting application - Microsoft Windows 7, XP, 2003, Vista supported - launch the total-video-converter.exe file, following the installation wizard instructions. All decoders and encoders are built in.

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Video conversion guide from H.264 to Zune

To reformat H.264 to Zune now as H.264 to Zune guide shows. Just within several clicks, you can achieve the H.264 to Zune conversion and play the target file format as you like. Also the flash demo of the step-by-step H.264 to Zune guide is given.

Convert H.264 to Zune - H.264 to Zune Converter

1. Load H.264 files into the conversion software for being converted

Use + button on the H.264 to Zune converting program interface to add more H.264 videos with the file extension of .mp4 for batch converting. - is for deleting the files that you do not want to decode this time.

2. Make sure you set the right target file format and profile to transcode H.264 to Zune.

On the interface of H.264 to Zune converting program, click TO MP4 to set the output format. The profile name will automatically change to MP4 Profile, select the profile of Microsoft Zune (2Gen) - NTSC Highest Quality - (H.264, 720*480, 2048 kbps) in this field. The output video codec, audio format, channels, volume, frequency, frame size are often quite suitable for Zune, but you can adjust the output effects manually with Edit button.

3. Start to create from H.264 to Zune by clicking Convert, and watching the progress bar as the decoding from H.264 to Zune completes. Click OK when the completion message pops up on your screen, and you will be able to use the new Zune files that you have created.

More about the H.264 to Zune encoder program

OJOsoft Total Video Converter is the all-in-one H.264 to Zune converter application to save H.264 to Zune , while it can convert to popular formats from QT, M4V, MPG, DivX, OGM, TOD, etc.. To encode AVI to MPEG, MPG to WMV, VOB to MPEG, WMV to MP4, the H.264 to Zune will as well be your best choice.

The H.264 to Zune converting program allows you to select settings like video size, bit rate, NTSC/PAL, frame rate, audio codec, sample rate for your output. Safe to install and viruses-free, and there are no spyware and adware in OJOsoft Total Video Converter.

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Info on formats H.264 and Zune

H.264 information

H.264 video is a standard for video compression. The final drafting work on the first version of the standard was completed in May 2003. As of 2008, H.264 video is the latest block-oriented motion-compensation-based codec standard developed by the ITU-T Video Coding Experts Group together with the ISO/IEC Moving Picture Experts Group, and H264 video was the product of a partnership effort known as the Joint Video Team.

Zune related

Zune players come in two variants, one hard-drive based and the other flash-memory based. Both play music, videos, and podcasts, display images, and receive (but not record) FM radio. FM radio features include RBDS, which receives and displays digital information in conventional FM radio broadcasts, such as Traffic Announcements, station identification, song title and artist being broadcast. You can share files wirelessly with other Zunes and via USB with Xbox 360s and Windows PCs. Any Zune can also be synced wirelessly with a Windows PC. The Zune is currently not compatible with Mac OS X or Linux. The Zune software is used to manage the Zune, and runs only on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. It can rip CDs, manage music and can be used to buy songs, music videos and TV shows on the Zune Marketplace. Purchasing items from the Marketplace requires Microsoft Points or a Zune Pass, allowing the user to temporarily download an unlimited amount of songs, and permanently keep 10 per month.

Copy H.264 to Zune - Helpful converting tool

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