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OJOsoft Total Video Converter offers fast and easy access to DVR-MS to iPod conversion. It is the best DVR-MS to iPod conversion tool for coping DVR-MS files to your desired iPod format or other formats such as MKV, WMV, iPod, Archos, etc.. It can as well fast convert to iPod from DAT, H.264, TOD, WMV, etc.. Follow the DVR-MS to iPod guide to learn how to use the converter.

Free download and run OJOsoft total video converter first for saving DVR-MS to iPod. With all decoders and encoders are built in, once you download and install the converter, all supported formats can be converted without downloading any more codec.

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Step-by-step DVR-MS to iPod conversion guide

Now transcode DVR-MS video to iPod with the help of step-by-step DVR-MS to iPod guide and the powerful DVR-MS to iPod format converter. Flash demo of the DVR-MS to iPod conversion guide is also offered.

Convert DVR-MS to iPod - DVR-MS to iPod Converter

1. Locate DVR-MS input file in the file section

Use + button on the DVR-MS to iPod converter tool interface to add more DVR-MS videos with the file extension of .dvr-ms for batch making. - is for deleting the files that you do not want to recode this time.

2. After adding DVR-MS files, you can start to choose the output format and profile for iPod.

Click TO MP4 to set the output format for the DVR-MS to iPod encoding. Then in the profile menu, you can select Apple iPod - for TV output - (MPEG4, 24 fps,512*384) as your output profile. If the 512*384 frame size, MPEG4 video compression, 24fps frequency, channels, resize method are not the best for your iPod, hit Edit button to make the adjustments. The DVR-MS to iPod conversion tool is equipped with a free patch, which can offer you nice profile settings when coding DVR-MS to iPod Classic 6 Gen.

3. Click the convert button and now the converter utility will copy DVR-MS to iPod with the fast speed. The process bar will show you the whole process about how the converting tool do quickly compress DVR-MS into iPod format.

Fastest DVR-MS to iPod converting tool functions

OJOsoft Total Video Converter supports the conversion from DVR-MS to iPod with best quality and fast speed, also video conversion like WMV to MPG, DivX to AVI, 3GP to AVI, MOV to WMV, MPG to AVI, MP4 to AVI, and can transcode AVCHD, DivX, Google video, MOD, etc..

The DVR-MS to iPod converting app allows you to select settings like video size, bit rate, NTSC/PAL, frame rate, audio codec, sample rate for your output. Safe to install and viruses-free, and there are no spyware and adware in OJOsoft Total Video Converter.

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What is DVR-MS and iPod

What is DVR-MS

The DVR-MS format files are an ASF file containing multiple MPEG-2, and data streams. Files in this format are generated from the Stream Buffer Engine (SBE.dll), a DirectShow component created by Matthijs Gates for Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Windows Vista. Although it is not possible to edit unprotected DVR-MS files through older software programs such as Windows Movie Maker for Windows XP, the files can be edited using Windows Movie Maker for Microsoft Windows Vista or Sonic MyDVD. A simple registry tweak/hack also exists for allowing the Windows XP version of Windows Movie Maker to natively import/edit DVR-MS files.

About iPod

iPod portable media players launched on October 23, 2001 (2001-10-23). The product line-up includes the hard drive-based iPod Classic, the touchscreen iPod Touch, the video-capable iPod Nano, and the compact iPod Shuffle. The iPhone can function as an iPod but is generally treated as a separate product. Former iPod models include the iPod Mini and the spin-off iPod Photo (since reintegrated into the main iPod Classic line). iPod Classic models store media on an internal hard drive, while all other models use flash memory to enable their smaller size (the discontinued Mini used a Microdrive miniature hard drive). As with many other digital music players, iPods can also serve as external data storage devices. Storage capacity varies by model.

DVR-MS to iPod application - Top changer software

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