3G2 converter for 3GPP2 file type conversion

OJOsoft Total Video Converter is the best 3G2 converter to realize the conversion of other formats to 3G2 file and 3GPP2 video to videos or players such as 3G2 to DivX, 3G2 to TS, 3G2 to VOB, 3GPP2 to 3GPP, 3G2 to iPhone, 3G2 to iPod, 3G2 to PSP, 3G2 to Zune. Free download.

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3GPP2 video conversion with 3G2 converter

3G2 to AVI file conversion

The converter can finish 3G2 to AVI file conversion easily.

Codec for converting 3G2 to WMV ( 3GPP2 to WMV )

The 3G2 converter is designed for converter 3G2 to WMV video in an easy way.

Convert 3GPP2 to MPEG format

The 3G2 converter can best convert 3GPP2 to MPEG format as easy as ABC.

Easy 3GPP2 to MOV converter

It is the easy 3GPP2 to MOV converter to best support the conversion of 3GPP2 to MOV.

Turn videos of 3G2 to MPG extension

The 3G2 converter supports the turning of 3G2 to video with MPG extension.

3GPP2 to MP4 file type

It is a saft-to-install converter for converting 3GPP2 to MP4 with fast speed.

Play 3G2 to Windows Movie Maker

The 3G2 converter can be a big help for you to play 3G2 to Windows Movie Maker.

Convert 3GPP2 to WAV audio format

It can convert 3GPP2 to WAV format at unmatchable speed.

Converting 3G2 to FLV format

The 3G2 converter support converting 3G2 video to FLV format. Free to try.

Youtube to 3G2 video

You can convert your loved Youtube video to 3G2 format with the 3G2 converter.

Conversion for AVI to 3GPP2

The 3G2 converter is an easy-to-use converter for the conversion for AVI to 3GPP2 format.

Best convert M4V to 3G2 video

To convert M4V to 3G2 video, the 3G2 converter can best realize the conversion.

Ripping DVD to 3GPP2 video

OJOsoft DVD Ripper is the best ripper software for ripping DVD to 3GPP2 video with high quality.

More about 3G2 or 3GPP2 file format

3gp 3g2 difference

3GPP and 3GPP2 formats are very similar, as both are based on the QuickTime file format and contain MPEG-4 and H.263 video, AAC and AMR audio, and 3G Text. 3GPP file format was designed for GSM-based Phones and may have the filename extension .3gp while 3GPP2 file format was designed for CDMA-based Phones and may have the filename extension .3g2. 3GPP2 adds the option to use QCELP audio and Movie Fragments.

To convert HD files to 3GPP2 video, OJOsoft HD video converter is the easy converter for you.

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