OJOsoft Video to Iriver E150 Patch Free Download

easy Video to E150 decoding

The iriver E150 is an upgrade from its E100 model, with a UI with a more playful and colorful design and the removal of its external speakers. iRiver E150 requires a PC with Windows 2000 / Windows XP / Vista operating system for management of files and comes with a USB cable, and comes in a range of colours like silver, black and pink.

For easy video to E150 decoding, Free download OJOsoft video to iRiver E150 patch. The patch is a free program to OJOsoft Total Video Converter. With a profile designed specially for iRiver E150, the free patch can make it easy to edit your loved vides to iRiver E150 for playing. See tips on Iriver E150 MP3 player usage and purchase.

NOTE: If you didn't install OJOsoft Total Video Converter yet, it will automatically download the decoder on your computer when you download OJOsoft Video to Iriver E150 Patch.


Edit Video to Iriver E150 with easy steps

1. Download and install OJOsoft Total Video Converter
2. Download OJOsoft Video to Iriver E150 Patch and install
3. Run OJOsoft Total Video Converter
4. Load the video files for decoding
5. You can select "To MP4" as the output video format.
6. Click the profile box to open the drop down list. You will find a profile at the bottom we preset for your Iriver E150:
    Iriver E150 - (MPEG-4, 384 kbps, 30 fps, 320*240)
7. Choose the upper profile for the output. And click "Edit" to customize more parameters if need
8. Hit the big button "Convert" to easy edit videos to iRiver E150

OJOsoft Total Video Converter

OJOsoft Total Video Converter converts between almost all popular video formats with high output quality like decode MPEG to iPhone, H.263 to Zune decoding, editing M4V to VOB. And it also is the best editor tool for Iriver E150 video conversion with OJOsoft Video to Iriver E150 Patch. Enjoy fantastic video on your beloved Iriver E150 now.

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