iPod nano 5th generation with larger screen and camera features

This page introduces to you the iPod nano 5th generation features, mainly including the difference between iPod nano 4 and 5, the feature of the iPod nano 5 gen video camera and how to use OJOsoft Total Video Converter with OJOsoft Video to iPod nano 5Gen Patch for converting movies for iPod nano 5 and add movies into nano 5.

iPod nano fifth generation

Released on September 9, 2009, the iPod nano 5th generation is the latest model of iPod nano, which is a portable media player marketed by Apple. iPod nano has gone through five generations since its introduction. The latest model, the iPod nano 5 uses flash memory 2.2 inch QVGA display, supports FM radio with iTunes tagging, video recording, a microphone for voice memos, and a slightly larger screen than that of the previous generations. It also includes Live Pause, a built-in pedometer, Nike+iPod Support and speaker.

The headphone jack and dock connector swapped locations so the headphone jack is now to the left of the dock connector, and therefore, the fifth generation iPod nano uses a different Apple Universal Dock insert than the previous generations.

How to add movies into iPod nano 5 gen

The fifth generation iPod nano supports video format: M4V, MOV or MP4, and movie files must be converted to one of these three formats. OJOsoft Total Video Converter is the best conversion program for converting video files for iPod nano 5gen. It can convert between any video format such as converting AVI to MP4, FLV to MOV, MPEG to M4V, etc, and now, it is equipped with OJOsoft Video to iPod nano 5Gen Patch. In this patch, 2 profiles were preset according to iPod nano 5Gen video parameters, thus make convert movies and watch them on iPod nano 5g more easily.

After conversion, you can add movies into iPod nano 5gen by two ways: syncing movies automatically or manually sync.

By default, iPod nano 5G is set to sync all movies when connected to the computer. This is the simplest way to sync. You just connect iPod nano 5th generation to your computer, let it add movies automatically, and then disconnect it.

If there is not enough space on iPod nano 5G for all your videos, you can set iTunes to sync only the videos you specify. You can sync selected movies or selected playlist that contain videos.

To set iTunes to sync movies to iPod nano 5gen:
1. In iTunes, select iPod nano in the device list and click the Movies tab.
2. Select Sync movies.
3. Select the movies or playlists you want.
4. Click Apply. If Sync only checked songs or videos is selected in the Summary pane, iTunes syncs only movies that are checked.

iPod Nano 5th generation video camera

iPod nano 5g comes with a built-in video camera and lets you shoot videos wherever you are. When recording, hold the iPod nano 5 horizontally to the home button or click wheel on the right side, your video will be normal played on the computer. If hold the iPod nano 5 on other orientation, your recorded video will have to be turned 90 degree counterclockwise. OJOsoft Total Video Converter has rotation function that can rotate your shoot video on the normal direction when you convert videos. The video and orientation are fine in playback after conversion.

What's the difference between nano 4 and 5

Besides its larger screen, iPod nano 5th generation adds some different features compared with nano 4g.

iPod nano 5g has built-in pedometer. This can directly tie into Nike+ which allows you to track your distance, steps, pace, etc.

iPod nano 5th generation includes built-in video camera for quick shot, FM Radio that displays station and song information.

Moreover, iPod nano 5Gen has longer battery life, up to 24 hours of music playback and 5hours of video playback.

HD Video to iPod nano 5Gen Patch and DVD to iPod nano 5Gen Patch

OJOsoft HD Video to iPod nano 5Gen Patch is a patch program to OJOsoft HD Video Converter. Once install it, you can convert HD videos for iPod nano 5Gen with specially designed profile and enjoy on nano 5g more easily.

Want to enjoy your beloved DVD movies on iPod nano 5Gen? OJOsoft DVD to iPod nano 5Gen Patch is a patch program to OJOsoft DVD Ripper. It will help you a lot when you need rip and convert DVD movies for iPod nano 5th generation with specially designed profile.

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