Iriver P7 PMP with 4.3 inch touch screen, SRS WOW HD

This page gives you detailed information about Iriver P7 PMP, including the review of Iriver P7 with touchscreen, Iriver P7's great sound quality with SRS WOW HD technology. It also gives you some video watching instructions on Iriver P7, like how to use OJOsoft Total Video Converter with OJOsoft Video to Iriver P7 Patch to convert video files for Iriver P7, and instructions on viewing video and picture on Iriver P7 4.3 inch touch screen.

Iriver P7 Portable Media Player with Touchscreen review

Iriver P7 is the most recent released and mighty model of the portable media player brand Iriver, offered in 4GB, 8GB, and 16GB capacity. P7 has a magazine-like GUI. At the first screen, you can look over and process at all the main features. Its 4.3-inch touch screen allows you to access every function by simply touching the screen with your fingertips, and you will be amazed by this experience. User-friendly designed interface lets you access the most of functions by one touch dragging in the main screen. The movie-worthy 4.3 inch touchscreen with 480*272 resolution gives its users unprecedented video watching experience.

Iriver P7 supports various types of video, such as MPEG-4, DivX, WMV, RM, RMVB and H.264, etc, so you can freely access your video content without conversion. The built-in Micro SD slot enables you expand the unit's memory and enjoy more music and video content.

Iriver P7 also provides extra options for you to do almost everything, like photo viewing, FM radio, text reader, FM and voice recording, calculator, etc.

View video and picture on 4.3 inch screen

With its 4.3-inch LCD touch screen, Iriver P7 is perhaps the most ideal PMP for video and picture viewing. Its support for a large variety of video codec allows you to enjoy your video content freely without conversion. Supposing that you have some video files that Iriver P7 cannot play, you can use OJOsoft Total Video Converter to convert videos for Iriver P7. It is the best conversion program which can convert between any video format, like converting MKV to MP4, MOV to WMV, XviD to DivX, VOB to RMVB, etc. Now for Iriver P7 users, it is equipped with OJOsoft Video to Iriver P7 Patch. In this patch, we preset 2 specially designed profiles: MP4: Iriver P7 - (MPEG-4, 1024 kbps, 30 fps, 480*272) and AVI: Iriver P7 - (XVID, 1024 kbps, 30 fps, 480*272), and make you enjoy your beloved videos on Iriver P7 easily.

Viewing your pictures on 4.3 inch screen by touching the screen with your fingertips is much easier than ever. Intuitively designed photo album supports flicking effect (turning over a page by touching the screen from side to side), photo rotation, slideshow, and image rearrange.

Iriver p7 sound quality with SRS WOW HD

Like its predecessors, say, Iriver SPINN, L-Player, Iriver P7 also came out with the powerful SRS WOW HD sound technology which allows you to experience live concert sound. SRS WOW HD is an audio-enhancement technology which was developed by SRS Labs and now is widely applied by TV sets, PMPs.

HD Video to Iriver P7 Patch and DVD to Iriver P7 Patch

Wondering how to watch HD video on Iriver P7 PMP? OJOsoft HD Video Converter is a professional HD video conversion tool which can convert among HD video files, convert video to HD, convert HD videos to SD (Standard-Definition) videos. It supports most of HD video formats such as AVI-HD, H.264/AVC, MKV-HD, AVC-HD, MPEG4 TS-HD, DivX-HD, WMV-HD, etc. Its patch program, OJOsoft HD Video to Iriver P7 Patch enables you convert HD videos for Iriver P7 with specially designed profile, then watch them on Iriver P7 more smoothly.

OJOsoft DVD to Iriver P7 Patch is a patch program to OJOsoft DVD Ripper. Install it, you can convert your favorite DVD movies for Iriver P7 with specially designed profile, and then enjoy these movies anywhere and anytime.

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