Convert MPEG4 to AVI file by best MPEG4 to AVI converter

How to convert MPEG4 to AVI? OJOsoft Total Video Converter can convert MPEG4 to AVI file fast and best. In the MPEG4 to AVI guide, this wonderful MPEG4 to AVI encoder teaches you to convert MPEG4 AVI movie so that you can play and watch movie on your player freely and heartily. MPEG4 to AVI decoder free download.

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MPEG4 to AVI conversion

MPEG4 AVI compressor guides you to convert MPEG4 to AVI. In order to watch nice video clips and movie on your player, you need to operate the MPEG4 to AVI encoder and begin to play MPEG4 to AVI as follows.

MPEG4 to AVI Converter - Convert MPEG4 to AVI

  • Frist choose TO AVI output format in the MPEG4 to AVI decoder interface
  • The bottom Browse to select MPEG4 AVI movie output folder
  • Click Edit button to edit profile specificatin for AVI file
  • The upper Browse to input video clips to MPEG4 AVI converter
  • Hit Convert button to start MPEG4 to AV conversion

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Both AVI and MPEG4 are media container and can store many kinds of video codec. AVI is not any better than MPEG4. It is just different. With using a low bit-rate DivX codec, AVI encode will always look worse than a high bit-rate MPEG4. Quality difference depends on how users use the files. MPEG4 is an end product as an official video format while AVI is not even a video format, as it relies on the video data between the RIFF headers.

Apart from the above best MPEG4 to AVI converter to convert MPEG4 to AVI movie, OJOsoft HD Video Converter can also enable you to play MPEG4 AVI fast. So you can easily watch video clips and movie on your player with either of the nice MPEG4 to AVI compressor.

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