Convert SWF to MOV - SWF to MOV Converter

In the SWF to MOV file guide, OJOsoft Total Video Converter - NO.1 SWF to MOV converter guides you how to convert SWF to MOV file. With this SWF MOV converter, you can convert SWF into MOV in a quite simple way. Free download SWF2MOV converter to achieve SWF to MOV conversion.

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Converting SWF to MOV file with SWF MOV converter

The SWF to MOV converter image and SWF2MOV steps lead you to get SWF to MOV conversion successfully and easily. Refer to the order of the buttons and click to do as they show.

Convert SWF to MOV - SWF MOV Converter

  • First click To MOV icon on the top tool bar of SWF to MOV converter interface
  • Browse next to Output File Name to choose where you want the converted MOV files to be saved to
  • Edit button next to MOV Profile is used to select the type of MOV that you want
  • Choose Browse next to Input File Name and loacte the SWF video which you want to convert to MOV
  • Click Convert and your SWF video has now been converted to MOV file

SWF to MOV conversion - important info


MOV was created by Apple to be a container for QuickTime while AVI was by Microsoft for their media player. AVI does not provide native support for MP4 codecs while MOV does. AVI has some of the advanced capabilities which are available in MOV. MOV can have subtitles in them while AVI cannot. AVI is still more popular compare to MOV simply because of its widespread use.

Converting SWF to MOV file can also be easily done by OJOsoft HD Video Converter. It is good at converting HD files. It also can nicely convert SWF to MOV file, FLV to MOV, AVI to MOV, WMV to MOV and other formats to MOV.

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