WMV to Archos 8 HT conversion

To convert WMV to Archos 8 HT format, OJOsoft HD Video Converter is the easy-to-use WMV to Archos 8 HT converting tool, which is also strongly recommeded when making conversion of DAT to FLV, QuickTime to iPhone, H.264 to TS, DivX to WAV, ASF to MPEG, etc.. The following WMV to Archos 8 HT conversion guide will show you how to use the WMV to Archos 8 HT converter in the easiest way.

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Decoder for WMV to Archos 8 HT download free

Download OJOsoft HD Video Converter and OJOsoft HD Video to Archos 8 HT Patch. Launch the .exe file, follow the wizards to install and run the converter to encode WMV to Archos 8 HT.

Video conversion guides from WMV to Archos 8 HT

Run the WMV to Archos 8 HT converter and convert WMV movies to Archos 8 HT as follows. We are sure that WMV to Archos 8 HT converting is quite simple as you can easily see.

WMV to Archos 8 HT conversion

1. Use the Browse by Input File Name section to add one or more WMV videos into the converter.

2. Make sure you set the right target file format and profile to rip WMV to Archos 8 HT.

In the menu tool bar, press To AVI or To MP4 as output for WMV to Archos 8 HT conversion. In the profile area, you'll find 2 preset profiles: AVI: Archos 8 HT - (MPEG4, 2000 kbps, 29.97 fps, 800*600) and MP4: Archos 8 HT - Standard Quality - (MPEG4, 30 fps, 800*600). Select one for your Archos 8 HT. And change more parameters with Edit button if you want.

3. Press the convert button when you're ready to convert your WMV files to Archos 8 HT. A progress bar will appear as the WMV videos converting into Archos 8 HT.

HD Video Converter - WMV to Archos 8 HT converting application

OJOsoft HD Video Converter supports the conversion from WMV to Archos 8 HT with best quality and fast speed, also other video files from one format to another including SD videos and HD videos like HD AVI, H.264/AVC, MKV, AVCHD, HD MPEG4 TS, HD MPEG2 TS, HD WMV, HD Quick Time, ASF-HD, etc., Windows XP, Windows 7, Vista supported. OJOsoft HD Video Converter provides flexible output profiles, so you can choose from the ready-available output formats and easily customize the parameters of your selected profile, such as file size, bit rate, NTSC/PAL, frame rate, audio codec, and sample rate.

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Points on WMV video format and Archos 8 HT file

About WMV

WMV stands for Windows Media Video. WMV, developed by Microsoft, is a generic name of Microsoft's video encoding solutions and doesn't necessarily define the technology what it uses. In WMV7, Microsoft has used its own flavour of MPEG4 video encoding technology. You can use a .wmv file either to download and play files or to stream content. Windows Media Video is used for both streaming and downloading content via the Internet. Microsoft's Windows Media Player, an application bundled with Windows XP operating systems, lets you playback and manage a range of audio and video file types, including, of course, WMA and WMV.

Archos 8 HT details

Archos 8 HT allows you to share your music and video content with your friends without worrying about the format.

WMV to Archos 8 HT conversion - Easy converters

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