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OJOsoft Audio Converter can easily and fast deal with reformatting MP3 to OGG. The nicest MP3 to OGG converter application not only can help you copy MP3 to OGG without losing audio quality, it can also turn QuickTime to MP3, YouTube to MP3, AC3 to MP2, AAC to MP3, or convert to OGG from FLAC, MOV, WMA, ASF, etc.. The following MP3 to OGG conversion guide shows you the details.

Click download for free trial of MP3 to OGG conversion program. During the free trial period, the software has full function except some limitations. You can purchase the sound file converting application to remove the limitations. OJOsoft Audio Converter has the most competitive price and highest quality which is worth to buy.

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Step-by-step audio conversion guide for MP3 to OGG

The MP3 to OGG converting application image and the following steps of audio sound conversion from MP3 to OGG show how to decode MP3 to OGG clearly. See the easy flash demo of the MP3 to OGG guide.

Convert MP3 to OGG - audio converter app for MP3 to OGG

1. Select one or more MP3 input files to copy.

Click the upper Browse button to add the input MP3 files with extension of .mp3 for audio making from MP3 to OGG. If you want to recode several files at one time, use + to add the files. Vice verse, click -.

2. Select the proper target format and output profile for music converting from MP3 file to OGG.

The output format for MP3 to OGG audio changing is OGG and the suitable profile can be Telephone Quality - Ogg Vorbis: 48 Kbps; 11025 Hz, Mono, CD Quality - Ogg Vorbis: 112 Kbps; 44100 Hz, Stereo, HiFi Quality - Ogg Vorbis: 224 Kbps; 48000 Hz, Stereo or FM Radio Quality - Ogg Vorbis: 96 Kbps; 22050 Hz, Stereo. The output frequency, volume, channels, resize method, bit rate can all be changed by Edit button next to the profile section.

3. Begin converting your MP3 files to OGG with hitting the big Convert on the lower right side of the audio conversion shareware screen. Wait for the music conversion process to complete. When the program finishes encoding the MP3 file to OGG, the program will notify you.

Best MP3 to OGG conversion tool functions

OJOsoft Audio Converter is the expert audio converter for MP3 to OGG, while it can convert video to audios like TS to AC3, WMV to WMA, XviD to M4A, MPG to AC3, WMV to WAV, etc.. With it, you can easily make conversion between almost all popular audio formats like AAC to 3GP audio, FLAC to MP3, WAV to MP2, OGG to MP4 audio, or easily convert audio to portable audio players such as FLAC to Cowon, 3GP audio to iPod touch, OGG to Epson, MP2 to Apple TV, etc..

The best MP3 to OGG converter application also provides flexible output audio profiles, so you can choose from the ready-available output audio formats and easily customize the parameters of your selected profile, such as audio codec, bit rate, frequency, syn mode etc..

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MP3 format and OGG - Important info

MP3 introduction

MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3, more commonly referred to as MP3, is a patented digital audio encoding format using a form of lossy data compression. MP3 is an audio-specific format that was designed by the Moving Picture Experts Group as part of its MPEG-1 standard.

Information on OGG

The term Ogg is commonly used to refer to audio file format Ogg Vorbis, that is, Vorbis-encoded audio in the Ogg container. Previously, the .ogg file extension was used for any content distributed within Ogg, but as of 2007, the Xiph.Org Foundation requests that .ogg be used only for Vorbis due to backward compatibility concerns. The Xiph.Org Foundation decided to create a new set of file extensions and media types to describe different types of content such as .oga for audio only files, .ogv for video with or without sound (including Theora), and .ogx for applications.

MP3 to OGG program - Recommended converter tools

OJOsoft AVI Converter is the fastest conversion software to transform MOD to AVI, MTS to AVI, AVI to ASF, RMVB to AVI, AVI to PS3, AVI to MPEG4, of which free trial is available.

OJOsoft VOB Converter can easily and fast make the conversion from VOB format to other videos or videos to VOB format such as VOB to Archos, VOB to MOV, VOB to MPEG, VOB to MPG, etc..

Free download OJOsoft MP4 Converter to have a wonderful experience in compressing AVCHD to MP4, TOD to MP4, MPEG to MP4, MOV to MP4, etc.. It is easy to use and fast in changing speed. It is the nicest MP4 encoder that you should not miss.

OJOsoft DVD Audio Ripper supports batch conversion not only for DVD to OGG, but also IFO to OGG, DVD to AAC, the conversion is easy and fast.

As the professional FLV converting shareware, OJOsoft FLV Converter will fast and easily change WMV to FLV, FLV to AVI, FLV to iPad, FLV to iRiver, Windows 7, Vista, XP supported.

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