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OJOsoft Total Video Converter is the NO.1 AVCHD file converter to provide best conversion from AVCHD to MPEG2, AVCHD to WMV, AVCHD to MP4, AVCHD to MPEG, AVCHD to MPG. This AVCHD conversion software is specially designed for Sony, Canon AVCHD and Panasonic AVCHD Camcorder users to burn MTS/M2TS to AVI, WMV, MP4 .... Free download and experience.

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Best AVCHD conversion software for AVCHD to WMV

The AVCHD converter is sure to be your ideal AVCHD MTS converter to convert AVCHD to WMV among so many competing AVCHD converters.

AVCHD to MP4 with AVCHD editing software

Excellent AVCHD to MP4 editor - AVCHD converter, does well in converting AVCHD files to MP4 to your satisfaction.

Play AVCHD Windows Media Player

Play Canon AVCHD Camcorder Videos on Windows Media Player with AVCHD file converter.

AVCHD to MPEG2 encoder

The AVCHD converter can burn AVCHD files to MPEG2 without compromising quality.

Converting AVCHD to AVI

To achieve a high-quality conversion from AVCHD to AVI, you cannot miss the AVCHD converter.

Burning AVCHD to MPEG

With this AVCHD camcorder converter, you can load videos from Canon camcorder or Panasonic camcorders, and easily convert AVCHD files to MPEG.

AVCHD to MPG authoring codec

Just believe the AVCHD format converter, it will never let you down when authoring AVCHD to MPG.

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What is AVCHD lite video?

AVCHD Lite is a subset of AVCHD format, which identifies devices that are capable of 720p/30fps recording only. Comparing with Full HD, the 720p/30fps video is recorded in the normal AVCHD 720p/60 format, but every other frame is duplicated, resulting in thirty actual frames per second.

A good news for Mac users is that Apple has made it clear that iMovie 09' is able to edit the AVCHD Lite video. Yet the AVCHD Lite video turns out to be incompatible with QuickTime Player. In order to play the AVCHD Lite video files generated by the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FT1 smoothly on Mac, the AVCHD Lite must be converted to QuickTime compatible format, like MOV, MP4, etc.

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For converting AVCHD files, OJOsoft HD Video Converter is also a powerful AVCHD converter to burn AVCHD camcorder files.

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