Extract WMP to iPad AVI

OJOsoft HD Video Converter is a professional and powerful WMP iPad AVI converter which can perfectly write WMP to iPad AVI format or convert MPG, Shockwave Flash, 3GPP, etc.. With easy-to-use interface and super fast converting speed, it makes WMP to iPad AVI conversion process quite simple. Download and run the WMP to iPad AVI converter.

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Quick access to download WMP to iPad AVI software

To convert WMP to iPad AVI, first free download OJOsoft HD Video Converter software - Microsoft Windows 7/XP/2003/Vista supported. Then launch the hd-video-converter.exe file, following the installation wizard instructions.

WMP to iPad AVI transcoding guide

Run the WMP to iPad AVI converter and convert WMP movies to iPad AVI as follows. We are sure that WMP to iPad AVI converting is quite simple as you can easily see.

Extract WMP to iPad AVI

1. Press Browse by Input File Name section and input WMP files that you want to change.

2. For converting WMP to iPad AVI, proper output format and profile are selected here.

Click TO AVI on the interface of WMP to iPad AVI changing program. Then in the profile selections, choose MJPEG File - (MJPEG, 768kbps,29.97 fps). Next to the profile section, you can find Edit button which is used to change profile settings so that you iPad can successfully play the source file.

3. Complete the conversion from WMP to iPad AVI by clicking the large convert button. The progress bar beside the button will fill as the WMP videos convert to iPad AVI. Upon completion, a pop-up screen will let you know that all WMP files were reformatted into iPad AVI. Click OK, and you can use the new iPad AVI files.

Best Changing software from WMP to iPad AVI features

OJOsoft HD Video Converter supports batch conversion not only for WMP to iPad AVI and can be used to convert all video formats to other popular video formats, audio formats or your beloved players such as your mobile phone, Sony PSP, PS3, video iPod, Apple iPhone Apple TV, Microsoft Xbox, Zune video player and other HD portable video players, Windows ALL supported.

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Info on WMP

WMP: Windows Media Player 12 is the most recent version of Windows Media Player as of October 2009. It was released on October 22, 2009 along with Windows 7. Windows Media Player 11 is available for Windows XP and included in Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. The default file formats are Windows Media Video (WMV), Windows Media Audio (WMA), and Advanced Systems Format (ASF), and supports its own XML based playlist format called Windows Playlist (WPL). The player is also able to utilize a digital rights management service in the form of Windows Media DRM.

iPad AVI info

iPad now supports AVI videos in Motion JPEG format, with data rates of up to 35Mbps, resolutions of up to 1280 by 720 pixels, and PCM stereo audio. iTunes has never supported any AVI files in the past, and the huge data rate goes way beyond what even the Apple TV can handle.

Extract WMP to iPad AVI - Other transcoder software

OJOsoft Total Video Converter is a powerful video conversion tool for WMP to iPad AVI while it can convert videos like MOV to WMV, MPEG to WMV, AVI to iPhone, WMV to MOV, MPEG4 to WMV, AVI to MP4, MP4 to PSP, M4V to AVI, windows ALL supported.

OJOsoft MKV Converter is the easy-to-use MKV changer tool to make the conversion of MKV to PS3, Windows ALL supported.

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OJOsoft MP4 Converter is suited for both beginners and veterans. You can easily and quickly complete your files conversion like MPEG to MP4, YouTube to MP4, free download is available.

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