H.264/AVC to Archos 8 HT decoder

OJOsoft HD Video Converter is a must-have to convert H.264/AVC to Archos 8 HT. It has an unmatched speed and high converting quality when decoding H.264/AVC to Archos 8 HT. The H.264/AVC to Archos 8 HT tool can also change video formats like MKV, Apple Quicktime, OGM, AVI DVD, MOV, and so on.

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Free download tool for H.264/AVC to Archos 8 HT conversion

Free download OJOsoft HD Video Converter and OJOsoft HD Video to Archos 8 HT Patch for easy conversion from H.264/AVC to Archos 8 HT. Follow the instructions to install and run the converter.

How to turn H.264/AVC files to Archos 8 HT

In the H.264/AVC to Archos 8 HT guide, converting H.264/AVC videos to Archos 8 HT is fast and easy. The H.264/AVC to Archos 8 HT codec image and steps shows the process clearly.

H.264/AVC to Archos 8 HT decoder

1. Load the H.264/AVC movies by locating the Input File Name box on the screen and clicking Browse button.

2. After adding H.264/AVC files, you can start to choose the output format and profile for Archos 8 HT.

First click To AVI or To MP4 to turn H.264/AVC to Archos 8 HT. Then choose a profile from the 2 preset profiles with the drop-down menu in the profile field: AVI: Archos 8 HT - (MPEG4, 2000 kbps, 29.97 fps, 800*600) and MP4: Archos 8 HT - Standard Quality - (MPEG4, 30 fps, 800*600). Change the settings with Edit button if you like.

3. Convert from H.264/AVC to Archos 8 HT by clicking convert, and watching the progress bar as the conversion from H.264/AVC to Archos 8 HT completes. Click OK when the completion message pops up on your screen and you will be able to use the new Archos 8 HT files that you have created.

More functions of the H.264/AVC to Archos 8 HT encoder application

Best changer software for H.264/AVC to Archos 8 HT, OJOsoft HD Video Converter allows you to select video size, bit rate, NTSC/PAL, frame rate, audio codec, sample rate etc for your output. Safe to install and viruses-free and there are no spyware and adware in OJOsoft HD Video Converter. It can convert videos between any video format while it can convert videos to popular audio formats, and convert videos to your mobile phone, Sony PSP, video iPod, Apple iPhone, Zune video player and other portable video players.

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More related to H.264/AVC video type and Archos 8 HT file

H.264/AVC files

The intent of the H.264/AVC project was to create a standard capable of providing good video quality at substantially lower bit rates than previous standards (e.g. half or less the bit rate of MPEG-2, H.263, or MPEG-4 Part 2), without increasing the complexity of design so much that it would be impractical or excessively expensive to implement. An additional goal was to provide enough flexibility to allow the standard to be applied to a wide variety of applications on a wide variety of networks and systems, including low and high bit rates, low and high resolution video, broadcast, DVD storage, RTP/IP packet networks, and ITU-T multimedia telephony systems.

About Archos 8 HT

Archos 8 HT is instant on for quick web searches, social network updates, photos and videos.

H.264/AVC to Archos 8 HT decoder - Fast changer shareware

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