Windows Movie Maker to ASF conversion

When converting Windows Movie Maker to ASF, OJOsoft HD Video Converter has an unmatched speed and high conversion quality. It is the powerful Windows Movie Maker to ASF decoder program to turn Windows Movie Maker files to ASF or others like AC3, 3G2, 3GP, PS3, etc.. Do as the Windows Movie Maker to ASF guide shows, you can soon get your wanted ASF video.

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Decoder for Windows Movie Maker to ASF download free

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Windows Movie Maker to ASF changing steps

Step-by-step Windows Movie Maker to ASF conversion tutorial and most renowned Windows Movie Maker files to ASF codec leads to the best Windows Movie Maker videos to ASF format compression.

Windows Movie Maker to ASF conversion

1. Once you press the upper Browse button, a dialogue box will appear for searching the Windows Movie Maker input file.

2. For converting Windows Movie Maker to ASF, proper output format and profile are selected here.

Verify the Windows Movie Maker to ASF output format in MORE and then select the suitable ASF profile Video: WMV8, 512 kbps, 29.97 fps, 320*240; Audio: 128 kbps. Once you are not satisfied with the profile, use Edit to change its parameters.

3. Now what you need to do is to click the big button convert. And the turning program will convert Windows Movie Maker to ASF format in the fastest way. The processing bar will show you how fast the creator works and where the conversion process is.

Points on the easy changer software for Windows Movie Maker format to ASF

Best changer software for Windows Movie Maker to ASF, OJOsoft HD Video Converter allows you to select video size, bit rate, NTSC/PAL, frame rate, audio codec, sample rate etc for your output. Safe to install and viruses-free and there are no spyware and adware in OJOsoft HD Video Converter. It can convert videos between any video format while it can convert videos to popular audio formats, and convert videos to your mobile phone, Sony PSP, video iPod, Apple iPhone, Zune video player and other portable video players.

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More about Windows Movie Maker video and ASF

Info on Windows Movie Maker

Do you want to learn more about Windows Movie Maker? Windows Movie Maker is a basic video creating/editing software included in Microsoft Windows. It contains features such as effects, transitions, titles/credits, audio track, timeline narration, and Auto Movie. New effects and transitions can be made and existing ones can be modified using XML code. Windows Movie Maker is also a basic audio track editing program. It can apply basic effects to audio tracks such as fade in or fade out. The audio tracks can then be exported in the form of a sound file instead of a video file.

ASF details

Advanced Systems Format is Microsoft's proprietary digital audio/digital video container format, especially meant for streaming media. The format does not specify how the video or audio should be encoded; it just specifies the structure of the video/audio stream. This is similar to the function performed by the QuickTime, AVI, or Ogg container formats. One of the objectives of ASF was to support playback from digital media servers, HTTP servers, and local storage devices such as hard disk drives.

Windows Movie Maker to ASF conversion - Easy converters

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