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OJOsoft HD Video Converter can make Google Video movies to DivX 4 conversion in an easy and fast way. It is the best Google Video to DivX 4 converter for nicely changing Google Video files to DivX 4 format. Get free trial of the nice converting software.

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Google Video files to DivX 4 changer free download

You can free download the OJOsoft HD Video Converter in the Google Video to DivX 4 conversion guide. The instructions is quite simple to follow. And the downloading, installation speed based on the speed of your computer.

Fast way to transcode Google Video to DivX 4

Convert Google Video to DivX 4 now as Google Video to DivX 4 guide shows. Just within several clicks, you can achieve the Google Video to DivX 4 conversion and play what you like.

Google Video to DivX 4 converter

1. Load Google Video files into the encoder for being converted via upper Browse.

2. After adding Google Video files, you can start to choose the output format and profile for DivX 4.

Choose TO AVI button and DivX 4 profile, Video: DivX 4 - 2000 kbps; Audio: MP3 - 192 kbps, in the Google Video to DivX 4 turner toolbar. Here you define the output format and profile for Google Video to DivX 4 compression. Then depending on your need, adjust the profile parameters by Edit.

3. Convert your Google Video files to DivX 4 by clicking convert on the lower right side of the screen. Wait for the conversion process to complete. When the program finishes converting the Google Video file to DivX 4, the program will notify you.

Best Google Video to DivX 4 conversion tool functions

OJOsoft HD Video Converter is not only the one-click Google Video to DivX 4 converter, it can convert almost all video formats such as DAT, FLV, MKV, QuickTime(MOV,QT), MP4, M4V, VOB, WMV, ASF, TS, MPEG4 AVC, DVR-MS, H.263, H.264, 3GP/3GPP, 3G2/3GP2, MJPEG, AVI, DivX, XviD, MPG, MPEG(MPEG-1/2) to popular video formats as you need at an unmatchable speed and high quality while supports audio formats like MP3, OGG, WMA, M4A, AAC, AC3, MP2, WAV as output, Windows XP, vista and Windows 7 supported.With all codes built-in, all supported formats can be converted without downloading any more codec.

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Google Video format and DivX 4 - Important info

Video format Google Video

Google Video is a free video sharing website and also a video search engine from Google. Google Video allows select videos to be remotely embedded on other websites and provides the necessary HTML code alongside the media, similar to YouTube. This allows for websites to host large amounts of video remotely on Google Video without running into bandwidth or storage capacity issues. Some videos are also offered for sale through the Google Video Store.

What is DivX 4

The DivX company then adopted the name of the popular DivX ;-) codec (which was not created by them), dropped the smiley and released DivX 4, which was actually the first DivX version (that is, DivX ;-) and DivX are two different things created by different people, the former is not an older version of the latter). The DivX name is its trademark. It is pronounced DIV-ex.

Google Video to DivX 4 converter - Recommended converter tools

OJOsoft Total Video Converter is also designed for reformatting Google Video to DivX 4 while it can be used as MPG Converter, M4V Converter, MPEG Converter, PSP Video Converter, WMV Converter, 3G2 Converter, MTS Converter, YouTube Converter, Windows ALL supported.

For compressiong videos to VOB or VOB video to others like VOB to MP4, VOB to AVI, OJOsoft VOB Converter is the best encoder software. Free download.

Designed for FLV conversion like FLV to MP4, FLV to MOV, OJOsoft FLV Converter can make the output with highest quality.

OJOsoft AVI Converter is the fastest conversion software to burn MPG to AVI, AVI to MPEG4, SWF to AVI, of which free trial is available.

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