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OJOsoft Total Video Converter teaches you how to convert MP4 to MP4 format, which enables you enjoy MP4 videos and sound in different frame size, display aspect, video codec, video bit rate, frame rate, audio codec, audio bit rate, frequency. The MP4 to MP4 files conversion guide shows the details.

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Files conversion from MP4 to MP4

Transfer MP4 videos to MP4 as the guide shows. Five steps let you play MP4 files best.

 Decoder to play MP4 videos to MP4

  • Check MP4 output format via clicking TO MP4 on the MP4 to MP4 converter interface
  • Press bottom Browse to choose path for saving the target MP4 files
  • Use Edit button to change the frame rate, frequency, video bit rate, audio bit rate, etc. of the target MP4 profile
  • The upper Browse is for you to load MP4 videos to be converted
  • Once prepared all, hit Convert button and wait for the software to convert MP4 files to MP4 format

Transfer MP4 to MP4 items

MP4 videos

MP4 is short for MPEG-4 or Motion Picture Expert Group 4. MP4 videos are generally used to contain MPEG-4 media, including not only MPEG-4 audio and/or video, but also MPEG-4 presentations. When a complete or partial presentation is stored in MP4 videos, there are specific structures that document that presentation.

Change MP4 to MP4 - hot tool

First hot decoder we highly introduce is OJOsoft HD Video Converter, which can fulfill numerous files conversion, like MP4 to MP4, AVI to WMV, VOB to DivX, MPG to AVI, WMV to MPEG.

Next hot decoder is OJOsoft DVD Ripper. It can realize all conversion from DVD videos to other formats.

Convert MP4 to MP4 format - files conversion

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