Extract 1080p WMV to DivX 4

OJOsoft HD Video Converter is a must-have to convert 1080p WMV to DivX 4. It has an unmatched speed and high converting quality when changing 1080p WMV to DivX 4. The 1080p WMV to DivX 4 tool is just what you need.

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Free download tool for 1080p WMV to DivX 4 conversion

Click OJOsoft HD Video Converter free link to download and install the conversion software. Launch the hd-video-converter.exe file, choose to save or run the file. Downloading process will show. Once it is finished, install and run the converter to burn your 1080p WMV to DivX 4.

Step-by-step 1080p WMV to DivX 4 extraction

In the 1080p WMV to DivX 4 guide, converting 1080p WMV videos to DivX 4 is fast and easy. The 1080p WMV to DivX 4 codec image and steps shows the process clearly.

Extract 1080p WMV to DivX 4

1. Locate 1080p WMV input file in the file section window by upper Browse button.

2. Choose the right output format and profile for changing 1080p WMV to DivX 4.

TO AVI button is selected with setting AVI as the output format. In the profile section, choose Video: DivX 4 - 2000 kbps; Audio: MP3 - 192 kbps. To better transfer 1080p WMV to DivX 4 for your media player, you can use Edit button to change

3. Convert your 1080p WMV files to DivX 4 by clicking convert on the lower right side of the screen. Wait for the conversion process to complete. When the program finishes converting the 1080p WMV file to DivX 4, the program will notify you.

More functions of the 1080p WMV to DivX 4 encoder application

OJOsoft HD Video Converter supports batch conversion not only for 1080p WMV to DivX 4 and can be used to convert all video formats to other popular video formats, audio formats or your beloved players such as your mobile phone, Sony PSP, PS3, video iPod, Apple iPhone Apple TV, Microsoft Xbox, Zune video player and other HD portable video players, Windows ALL supported.

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More related to 1080p WMV video type and DivX 4 file

1080p WMV format

The low-complexity Microsoft Windows Media Video 9 codecs make it possible to watch HD movies in 1280x720 (720p) or 1920x1080 (1080p WMV) resolutions on many modern personal computers running Microsoft Windows XP or Windows Vista, although the hardware requirements are steep. WMV HD has been touted for its ease of use, since functionality to convert to WMV HD has been built into Windows Movie Maker, it has allowed people to convert their home videos to WMV HD as well as commercial releases they may have received. The file system will work on a PC with the settings listed below, as well as a Xbox 360, at 1080p/1080i.

DivX 4 video

DivX took the encore2 code and developed it into DivX 4 codec, initially released in July 2001. Other developers who had participated in OpenDivX took encore2 and started a new project-Xvid-that started with the same encoding core.

Extract 1080p WMV to DivX 4 - Helpful converting tool

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Conversion guides with the 1080p WMV to DivX 4 converter

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