M4V to MP4 Apple TV 2 conversion

OJOsoft HD Video Converter is your NO.1 M4V to MP4 Apple TV 2 converter tool to create M4V to MP4 Apple TV 2 format, while the converter software can be also used as Epson converter, Iriver converter, F4V converter, TS converter, etc.. The details of M4V to MP4 Apple TV 2 conversion is as follows.

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Easy way to download M4V to MP4 Apple TV 2 codec

Download OJOsoft HD Video Converter faster and stable here. The downloading process is easy to follow and fast to go on. No hesitance to free download for changing M4V to MP4 Apple TV 2.

Fast way to transcode M4V to MP4 Apple TV 2

Run the M4V to MP4 Apple TV 2 converter and convert M4V movies to MP4 Apple TV 2 as follows. We are sure that M4V to MP4 Apple TV 2 converting is quite simple as you can easily see.

M4V to MP4 Apple TV 2 conversion

1. Once you press the upper Browse button, a dialogue box will appear for searching the M4V input file.

2. Choose the right target file and profile before starting the M4V to MP4 Apple TV 2 compression.

TO MP4 is clicked to set the output format. Then select the profile of PC - Standard Quality - (H.264/AVC, 24 fps,Original). Edit the profile settings in order that the converted M4V files can be successfully played on the Apple TV 2. Edit as the following requirements: H.264 video, 30 frames per second, Main Profile level 3.1 with AAC-LC audio up to 160 Kbps per channel, 48kHz.

3. Now what you need to do is to click the big button convert. And the turning program will convert M4V to MP4 Apple TV 2 format in the fastest way. The processing bar will show you how fast the creator works and where the conversion process is.

More functions of the M4V to MP4 Apple TV 2 encoder application

OJOsoft HD Video Converter supports the conversion from M4V to MP4 Apple TV 2 with best quality and fast speed, also other video files from one format to another including SD videos and HD videos like HD AVI, H.264/AVC, MKV, AVCHD, HD MPEG4 TS, HD MPEG2 TS, HD WMV, HD Quick Time, ASF-HD, etc., Windows XP, Windows 7, Vista supported. OJOsoft HD Video Converter provides flexible output profiles, so you can choose from the ready-available output formats and easily customize the parameters of your selected profile, such as file size, bit rate, NTSC/PAL, frame rate, audio codec, and sample rate.

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M4V file type and MP4 Apple TV 2 formats info

M4V related

What is M4V? M4V is used in Apple iTunes and iPod. The name stands for MPEG-4 Visual. This file extension was originally introduced by Apple Inc in order to differentiate different types of multimedia encoded with MPEG-4 since the format itself specified single file extension MP4 for any kind of file. Many audio players support M4V files. These include WinAMP, Apple QuickTime and others.

More about MP4 Apple TV 2

The new version Apple TV 2 MP4 no longer has the hard drive. However, it does have an undocumented internal 8 GB flash storage, speculated to be used for smoother playback of streamed media.

M4V to MP4 Apple TV 2 conversion - Top changer software

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