MKV to Motion JPEG AVI program

OJOsoft HD Video Converter is a must-have to convert MKV to Motion JPEG AVI. It has an unmatched speed and high converting quality when changing MKV to Motion JPEG AVI. The MKV to Motion JPEG AVI tool is just what you need.

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Free download tool for MKV to Motion JPEG AVI conversion

To convert MKV to Motion JPEG AVI, first free download OJOsoft HD Video Converter software - Microsoft Windows 7/XP/2003/Vista supported. Then launch the hd-video-converter.exe file, following the installation wizard instructions.

MKV to Motion JPEG AVI changing steps

It is quite easy and fast to achieve high-quality MKV to Motion JPEG AVI conversion once you use the high renowned converter and do as the MKV to Motion JPEG AVI guide tells.

MKV to Motion JPEG AVI program

1. Locate MKV input file in the file section window by upper Browse button.

2. Click right button on MKV to Motion JPEG AVI changer as the output format and check the right output profile.

When converting MKV to Motion JPEG AVI, click TO AVI and set AVI as the MKV to Motion JPEG AVI output format. Then select MJPEG File - (MJPEG, 768 kbps, 29.97 fps) in the profile section. If you want, take advantage of Edit button to change the profile setting.

3. Convert your MKV files to Motion JPEG AVI by clicking convert on the lower right side of the screen. Wait for the conversion process to complete. When the program finishes converting the MKV file to Motion JPEG AVI, the program will notify you.

Fastest MKV to Motion JPEG AVI converter functions

The MKV to Motion JPEG AVI converting application, OJOsoft HD Video Converter, with user-friendly interface and batch conversion feature, is safe-to-install and you will be never worried about the virus. With all decoders and encoders built-in, the converter provides all-in-one solution for you, Windows 7, XP, Vista supported. OJOsoft HD Video Converter can convert all video formats to popular formats with high conversion speed and make best-quality output.

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MKV file type and Motion JPEG AVI formats info

MKV file extension

Do you know MKV? An MKV file is a Matroska file. Matroska is an open source container format. It is an alternative to the popular AVI and MP4 formats and it also surpasses them in many areas. For most MKV files you find, there is a player not based on DirectShow (so you probably won't have to install any extra decoding software or filters) that has support for Matroska files, VideoLan Client (VLC).

information on Motion JPEG AVI

Motion JPEG AVI is AVI files with M-JPEG codec. In multimedia, Motion JPEG (M-JPEG) is an informal name for a class of video formats where each video frame or interlaced field of a digital video sequence is separately compressed as a JPEG image. Originally developed for multimedia PC applications, where more advanced formats have displaced it, M-JPEG is now used by many portable devices with video-capture capability, such as digital cameras.

MKV to Motion JPEG AVI program - Recommended converter tools

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