Interface of M4A converter

Interface of M4A converter

Formats buttons on the interface of M4A converter

Want to convert video/audio files to M4A(M4B, M4R) format? Just click the To M4A button of the M4A converter.

Buttons of M4A To MP3, M4A To WMA, M4A To WAV, M4A To 3GP, M4A To AAC, M4A To MP2, M4A To OGG, M4A To MP4 realize conversion from M4A(M4B, M4R) to MP3, WMA, WAV, 3GP(3G2) audio, AAC, MP2, AC3, OGG, MP4 audio formats.

Help button offers the option for you to buy or activate the M4A converter, choose default output folder or to learn more about OJOsoft products.

Bottom area on the interface of M4A converter

You have to do some preparation work before clicking the big button Convert to start conversion.

Click the upper Browse… or + button to load input files or - button to remove loaded files. All the input files will be shown in the Input File Name area of the M4A converter.

The Output File Name area on the interface of M4A converter is for showing output folder or location which is chosen by clicking the lower Browse… button.

OJOsoft M4A converter has got various output profiles and you can choose one by clicking the drop-down list by the profile field and customize the profile with clicking Edit.. Button.

The Advanced >> button of the M4A converter is for checking the input and output properties as you need.

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