DVD VOB to Apple TV 2 H.264 guide

OJOsoft HD Video Converter can easily and fast deal with converting DVD VOB to Apple TV 2 H.264. The nicest DVD VOB to Apple TV 2 H.264 encoder not only can help you change DVD VOB to Apple TV 2 H.264 without losing quality, it can also convert AVI to AC3, WMV to MP3, H.263 to TS, VOB to WMA, etc.. Free download the helpful tool to convert your DVD VOB to Apple TV 2 H.264 format.

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Decoder for DVD VOB to Apple TV 2 H.264 download free

Before DVD VOB to Apple TV 2 H.264 conversion, you need to click download OJOsoft HD Video Converter and install. Then do as the installation instruction. Microsoft Windows 7/XP/Vista/2003 (32bit, 64bit) supported.

DVD VOB to Apple TV 2 H.264 transcoding guide

What you need to do now is to convert DVD VOB video to Apple TV 2 H.264 with the help of following DVD VOB files to Apple TV 2 H.264 guide and the powerful DVD VOB to Apple TV 2 H.264 format converter.

DVD VOB to Apple TV 2 H.264 guide

1. Once you press the upper Browse button, a dialogue box will appear for searching the DVD VOB input file.

2. Verify the target format and profile for turning DVD VOB to Apple TV 2 H.264.

On the interface of DVD VOB to Apple TV 2 H.264 converter, click TO MP4 and set MP4 as the output format. Then select the profile of PC - Standard Quality - (H.264/AVC, 24 fps,Original), which is needed editing according to Apple TV 2's requirements. You can change the Main Profile level 3.1 with AAC-LC audio up to 160 Kbps per channel, audio bit rate to 48kHz, frame rate to 30 frames per second and many other parameters by Edit button. Or you set MOV as the output format, the profile should be Quick Time - DVD Quality (H.264, 720*576; MP2/4 (AAC) 320 kbps), which you also need editing.

3. Convert your DVD VOB files to Apple TV 2 H.264 by clicking convert on the lower right side of the screen. Wait for the conversion process to complete. When the program finishes converting the DVD VOB file to Apple TV 2 H.264, the program will notify you.

Best Changing software from DVD VOB to Apple TV 2 H.264 features

OJOsoft HD Video Converter, designed for changing DVD VOB to Apple TV 2 H.264, with all decoders and encoders built in, no more codec needed, supports almost all formats like 3GP/3GPP, 3G2/3GP2, MJPEG, PSP, DV-AVI, AVI, DivX, XviD, MPG, MPEG(MPEG-1/2), RMVB, FLV, MKV, QuickTime(MOV,QT), MP4, M4V, VOB, WMV, DAT, TS, MPEG4 AVC, DVR-MS, H.263, H.264 as input while MP4, MOV, 3GP, 3G2, MPEG, MPG, ASF, VOB, AVI, MPG, WMV, FLV, H.264, MJPEG, TS and SWF as output formats. It can also be used like iPhone video converter, 3GP video converter, PSP video converter, iPod video converter, and Zune video converter.

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Points on DVD VOB video format and Apple TV 2 H.264 file

DVD VOB related

Read more about DVD VOB if you like. A DVD VOB file (Video Object) is a container format in DVD-Video media. DVD VOB can contain video, audio, subtitle and menu contents multiplexed together into a stream form. Other DVD files include IFO and BUP files. BUP files are exact copy and backup of a IFO files in case of corruption. IFO files basically contain all the information a DVD player needs to know about a DVD so that the user can navigate and play all DVD content properly.

What is Apple TV 2 H.264

What is the difference between Apple TV 2 H.264 and MP4? MP4 is a file container format much like AVI, and like AVI, it can allow different compression codecs, including the H.264 codec, to be used. MP4 with H.264 is probably the most common combination around, so some people will refer to H.264 content as MP4 and vice versa.

DVD VOB to Apple TV 2 H.264 guide - Recommended converter tools

OJOsoft Total Video Converter is a powerful video conversion tool for DVD VOB to Apple TV 2 H.264 while it can convert videos like AVI to MP4, FLV to 3GP, MP4 to MPEG, FLV to SWF, MPG to WMV, MPEG to WMV, AVI to MOV, QuickTime to WMV, windows ALL supported.

OJOsoft MP3 Converter is designed for ripping videos to MP3 or converting MP3 to other audios such as WMA to MP3, MP3 to iPod, Windows 7, XP, Vista supported.

Converting WMA to WAV, AAC to MP3, MP3 to WMA, FLV to MP3, MP3 to AAC, free try is available. are quite easy with the powerful OJOsoft Audio Converter.

Looking for the best MKV converting program? OJOsoft MKV Converter will never let you down. See guides of MKV to MP4, etc..

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