Canon MTS to iPad decoder

OJOsoft HD Video Converter can make Canon MTS movies to iPad conversion in an easy and fast way. It is the best Canon MTS to iPad converter for nicely saving Canon MTS files to iPad format or to other popular formats such as ZEN Vision W, 3GP, Zune, MP3, PS3, etc.. Free trial.

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Downloading Canon MTS files to iPad transformer

Download and run the changer software of OJOsoft HD Video Converter. And you can also download OJOsoft HD Video to Apple iPad Patch, a free program to OJOsoft HD Video Converter which offers several profiles for Canon MTS to iPad conversion.

Fast way to transcode Canon MTS to iPad

In the Canon MTS to iPad guide, converting Canon MTS videos to iPad is fast and easy. The Canon MTS to iPad codec image and steps shows the process clearly.

Canon MTS to iPad decoder

1. Upper Browse is used to search the source Canon MTS files for the conversion.

2. Choose the right output format and profile for changing Canon MTS to iPad.

On the top of the interface of Canon MTS to iPad converter app, click the To MOV button. Choose the profile of MOV: Apple iPad 2 - High Quality - (H.264, 30 fps, 960*720) from the drop-down list in the profile field. More properties by Clicking Edit as you like.

3. Click convert to perform the file formats changing from Canon MTS to iPad, which will effectively turn the Canon MTS videos into a new iPad file.

Best Canon MTS to iPad conversion tool functions

OJOsoft HD Video Converter supports batch conversion not only for Canon MTS to iPad and can be used to convert all video formats to other popular video formats, audio formats or your beloved players such as your mobile phone, Sony PSP, PS3, video iPod, Apple iPhone Apple TV, Microsoft Xbox, Zune video player and other HD portable video players, Windows ALL supported.

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Info on Canon MTS

Canon MTS file format is an AVCHD file for HD digital camcorders. Of the consumer models, Canon HFS21/HFS20/HFS200 models are capable of recording native 1080p24 video. Panasonic models have no visual designation of 24p capability, whereas the Canon models have a prominent 24p Native Progressive mark.

More about iPad

Both iPad and iPad 2 serve primarily as a platform for audio-visual media like books, periodicals, movies, music, games and web content. Their size and weight fall between those of contemporary smartphones and laptop computers.

Canon MTS to iPad decoder - Top changer software

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