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In the YouTube to FLV guide, OJOsoft Total Video Converter tells you how to convert YouTube to FLV file. It is the best YouTube to FLV converter to convert YouTube video to FLV. Free download YouTube FLV converter for converting YouTube to FLV.

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Converting YouTube to FLV with YouTube video FLV converter

YouTube to FLV converter guides you to convert YouTube videos to FLV. What you need to do is to first download YouTube FLV converter and convert YouTube to FLV file as follows.

Convert YouTube video to FLV  -  YouTube FLV Converter

  • Click To FLV icon on the top tool bar of YouTube to FLV converter interface
  • Browse next to Output File Name is to choose where you want the converted FLV files to be saved to
  • Use Edit button next to FLV Profile to select the type of FLV that you want
  • Browse next to Input File Name is to loacte the YouTube video which you want to convert to FLV
  • Click Convert and your YouTube to FLV conversion begins

Rip YouTube FLV - important items


The quality and file size of FLV and AVI are similar and pretty much likely as they are both being constantly improved. FLV is used for web video like YouTube, Google Video. AVI is an uncompressed file format, no loss of quality. But the file size of AVI is bigger than FLV. AVI normally is an edit file which means can be edited while FLV is an output file not designed to be edited.

OJOsoft HD Video Converter is another compatible YouTube to FLV converter to rip YouTube FLV. Also it can act as lots of video converters to convert AVI to MOV, FLV to MOV, AVI to MP3, etc..

OJOsoft Audio Converter is the all-in-one audio converter. It can convert WMA to WAV, FLAC to WAV, AAC to MP3 and so on. You should not miss the nice audio converter.

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