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OJOsoft Audio Converter - best music file converter for QuickTime to OGG - can recode QuickTime to OGG format in a few minutes. Simple to use, fast to change and high in coping quality, the QuickTime to OGG converter can also be your best choice when transcoding WMV to OGG, WMA to WAV, WAV to WMA, AAC to MP3, or saving to OGG from Google video, MOD, MP2, YouTube, MPG, etc.. See the easy audio conversion guide for QuickTime to OGG.

Download the best QuickTime to OGG conversion tool here, Window ALL supported. Run the audio-converter.exe file and follow the wizard to install. Before using it for turning QuickTime to OGG, remember to turn off your screen saver, otherwise it will slow the audio conversion down.

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QuickTime to OGG conversion guide with QuickTime to OGG converter

To make QuickTime to OGG now as QuickTime to OGG guide shows. Just within several clicks, you can achieve the audio conversion from QuickTime to OGG and play the target audio file as you like. Also the flash demo of the step-by-step QuickTime to OGG guide is given.

Convert QuickTime to OGG - audio converter for QuickTime to OGG

1. Input QuickTime files that you want to decode to song format - OGG.

Next to the Input File Name section, click the Browse button to load your QuickTime with its file extension of .qt files for the songs conversion. Drag and drop will also do the task.

2. Check the right target file and profile before starting to save QuickTime to OGG.

Click TO OGG as the output format for QuickTime to OGG sound transforming. There are several portable profiles we preset for your device, you can choose one from CD Quality - Ogg Vorbis: 112 Kbps; 44100 Hz, Stereo, FM Radio Quality - Ogg Vorbis: 96 Kbps; 22050 Hz, Stereo, Telephone Quality - Ogg Vorbis: 48 Kbps; 11025 Hz, Mono or HiFi Quality - Ogg Vorbis: 224 Kbps; 48000 Hz, Stereo. For more adjustments of audio codec, bit rate, frequency, volume, channels, take advantage of Edit button.

3. Click Convert to perform the music changing from QuickTime to OGG, which will effectively save the QuickTime into a new OGG file. Soon you can get what you want.

Easy-to-use music file converting tool for QuickTime to OGG features

OJOsoft Audio Converter is the expert audio converter for QuickTime to OGG, while it can convert video to audios like FLV to WMA, XviD to AAC, VOB to OGG, DivX to M4A, etc.. With it, you can easily make conversion between almost all popular audio formats like WMA to MP2, M4A to AC3, M4A to OGG, or easily compress audio to portable audio players such as MP3 to iPhone, OGG to iriver, WAV to Xbox 360, MP2 to PS3, WAV to Zune, etc..

The QuickTime to OGG converter tool, OJOsoft Audio Converter, with user-friendly interface and batch conversion feature, is safe-to-install and you will be never worried about the virus. With all decoders and encoders built-in, the audio converter provides all-in-one solution for you, Windows 7, XP, Vista supported.

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About QuickTime

QuickTime functions as a multimedia container file that contains one or more tracks, each of which stores a particular type of data: audio, video, effects, or text (e.g. for subtitles). Apple QuickTime is also commonly used in Windows systems, and other types of computing platforms. In Windows, QuickTime movies usually appear with the .mov filename extension.

OGG introduction

Because the format Ogg is free, and its reference implementation is non-copylefted, Ogg's various codecs have been incorporated into a number of different free and proprietary media players, both commercial and non-commercial, as well as portable media players and GPS receivers from different manufacturers.

QuickTime to OGG compression - Recommended converter tools

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