video frame size

What is video frame size

Video frame size is the size of the single photographic images in a motion picture. The two parameters describing video frame are the width and height measured in pixels, like 800*600.

How to choose the best video frame size

The video frame size is the size of the display window in which your movie plays. The best size is highly dependent on data rate, frame rate, codec, source material and personal preference.

To choose the frame size, first you have to make sure what device you will play it on, and then find out the resolution of its screen or the max frame size the players support.

The other way to choose the frame size is to keep it to the source, and let the playback device to resize it. In this way, you still need to find out the resolution or the max frame size of the device, and make sure the frame size of the source is supported by the device.

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