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To convert H.263 to WMV format, OJOsoft Total Video Converter is the super H.263 to WMV converting tool, which is also strongly recommended when making conversion to WMV from DivX, VOB, OGM, WMV, 3GP, MPEG, or converting H.263 to Archos, 3GP, Cowon, TS, etc.. The following H.263 to WMV conversion guide will show you how to use the H.263 to WMV converter in the easiest way.

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Step-by-step H.263 to WMV conversion guide

The H.263 to WMV converting software image and the following steps of converting H.263 videos to WMV show how to create H.263 to WMV clearly. See the easy flash demo of the H.263 to WMV guide.

Convert H.263 to WMV - H.263 to WMV Converter

1. Load H.263 files into the converter application for being converted

Click the Browse button by the Input File Name field, the Open Input File window will pop out, where you locate the input H.263 videos with its file extension of .3gp for decoding. Once the inputs are decided, click Open button and the H.263 files are added successfully.

2. Make sure you set the right target file format and profile to transcode H.263 to WMV.

Verify the output format for H.263 to WMV transcoding by pressing TO WMV button. Then select the profile to use for the output in the profile section. The profile is the type of codec or video formats that is used to transform the video. For example choosing the profile of Windows Media Video Standard Quality. Next to the profile section, Edit button is for changing the output bit rate, channel setting, frequency, resize method, audio format and other specs based on your needs.

3. Complete the compressing from H.263 to WMV by clicking the large convert button. The progress bar beside the button will fill as the H.263 videos reformat to WMV. Once finished, a pop-up screen will inform you that all H.263 files were reformatted into WMV. Click OK, and you can use the new WMV files.

Points on the easy turner tool for H.263 to WMV

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With all decoders and encoders built in, Windows 7, XP, 2003, Vista supported and virus-free, H.263 to WMV converting program can convert all the supported formats without any more codec downloaded. There are also the ready designed profiles for your output and you can edit the settings like frame size, bit rate, frequency, display aspect, frame rate, and sample rate.

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More about H.263 video and WMV

H.263 files

H.263 is a video codec standard originally designed as a low-bitrate compressed format for videoconferencing. It was developed by the ITU-T Video Coding Experts Group (VCEG) in 1995/1996 as one member of the H.26x family of video coding standards. H263 has been optimized for a large range of bit rates and not just 64K bits/s like with H.261. Another improvement is that it supports five resolutions including CIF (Common Interchange Format), QCIF (Quarter Common Interchange Format), SQCIF, 4CIF and 16CIF.


File extension WMV includes audio, video, or both compressed with Windows Media Audio (WMA) and Windows Media Video (WMV) codecs. By using a separate extension, you can install multiple players on your computer and associate certain players with the .wmv extension for playback of audio and video sources.

H.263 to WMV guide - Fast changer shareware

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