OJOsoft DVD to PSP 3000 Patch Free Download

DVD to 3000 ripper and the free patch download

With light, slim enclosure, PSP 3000 screen offers better color reproduction than that of earlier PSP models. PSP 3000 boasts a built-in microphone (to increase the usability of its onboard Skype functionality) and better video output support (you can now play games on non-HD TV hookups), while retains all of the impressive media and online features of earlier PSP models.

OJOsoft DVD Ripper is a one-click DVD to 3000 ripper for you easy to rip DVD to PSP 3000. OJOsoft DVD to PSP 3000 Patch is a free patch attached with the ripper, which is a great help to rip DVD to PSP 3000 with a preset profile for PSP 3000. Free download. See more about how to put and play videos on PSP 3000.

NOTE: If you didn't install OJOsoft DVD Ripper yet, it will automatically download the ripper on your computer when you download OJOsoft DVD to PSP 3000 Patch.


One click to author DVD to PSP 3000

1. Download and install OJOsoft DVD Ripper
2. Download OJOsoft DVD to PSP 3000 Patch and install
3. Run OJOsoft DVD Ripper
4. Load the DVD files you want to convert
5. You can select "To MP4" as the output video format.
6. Click the profile box to open the drop down list. You will find a profile at the bottom we preset for your PSP 3000:
    Sony PSP 3001 - (H.264, 29.97 fps, 480*272)
7. Choose the upper profile for the output. And click "Edit" to customize more parameters if need
8. Hit the big button "Convert" to author DVD to PSP 3000 with one click

About OJOsoft DVD Ripper

OJOsoft DVD Ripper is a professional DVD ripper which can author DVD movies and convert to all popular video/audio formats such as author DVD to WMV, rip DVD to MPG, DVD to WAV ripper. It is also the best ripper for DVD to PSP 3000 with OJOsoft DVD to PSP 3000 Patch. Enjoy fantastic video on your beloved PSP 3000 now.

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