The OJOsoft DVD to iRiver P10 Patch – Version 2.7.3 Released

To meet the new requirements of the audio and video converting groups, our professional team developed the new version 2.7.3 of OJOsoft DVD to iRiver P10 Patch. It is a free program that work together with DVD Ripper We improved many details of the patch to better suit the needs of any users.

Some Concrete Information about the New Version 2.7.3 of OJOsoft DVD to iRiver P10 Patch

Added with more arguments settings, our upgraded new version 2.7.3 OJOsoft DVD to iRiver P10 Patch and DVD Ripper can be used as an ideal converting software to conversions like DVD to ASF, DVD to OGG and DVD to WMA etc.

In addition, there are some famous preset profiles on the new patch, that means you donot need to set it yourself, certainly, if the preset ones can not meet your personal needs, you can reset arguments such as volume, channels, frequency, audio bit rate freely.

Tip: If you didn't install OJOsoft DVD Ripper yet, it will automatically download the ripper on your computer when you download OJOsoft DVD to iRiver P10 Patch.


In the process of the transformation, you may encounter some troubles, then you can click the webpage of FAQs for general tech question for help or you can contact us instantly.

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