Can an 'Ultrabook' match Apple appeal, pricing?

Recently, various computer designers and manufacturers are trying to compete for ultra-thin computer market in this area. Intel believes ultraslim Windows laptops dubbed Ultrabooks can reach aggressive price points and compete with the MacBook Air, arguably the first Ultrabook.

What's The 'Ultrabook'

Intel claims, Ultrabook current mainstream notebook will provide the performance and features, but also have the tablet features to mainstream prices, thin volume to provide quick response, security, experience and all-weather standby. Ultrabooks are slated to be less then 0.8-inches thick, pack solid-state drives (but no optical drive), have instant-on capabilities, and eventually sport USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt connectors.

What a wonderful 'Ultrabook'!

Price - An Important Factor

With the entry-level Air today bottoming out at $999 for an 11-inch model, major PC vendors like Hewlett-Packard, Acer, and Asus must roughly match Apple's build quality at lower prices to draw consumers to the category in large numbers. This issue was raised in a report from Taipei-based Digitimes on Friday.

Intel--which, ironically, is competing with itself in a sense because the Air already uses its chips--believes the industry can get there. "We won't publicly comment on internal estimates. What we will say is that the Ultrabook program aspires to bring exciting new capabilities into mainstream price points," Greg Welch, who heads up Intel's Ultrabook group, said in response to an e-mail query Friday.

"This will require us to work very closely with our OEM customers and the PC component ecosystem to innovate and drive down costs," he added.

So far, there's price matching only from PC vendors offering Intel Sandy Bridge-based systems. The aluminum-clad 11.6-inch Samsung Series 9--which resembles the 11.6-inch Air probably more than any other Windows laptop on the market today--is also $999 on Amazon. It will bring you an unprecedented visual experience

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