OJOsoft Video to Sony NWZ-X1050 Patch Free Download

Free Video to NWZ-X1050 changer and the free patch

Sony NWZ-X1050 MP3/MP4 player, 16GB (4,000 songs, 60h video) Walkman® MP3/MP4 player, with 3-inch OLED touchscreen and built-in Digital Noise Cancelling,offers unrivalled features and incredible audio and visual quality and supports a vast range of formats including MP3, WMA, LPCM, AAC, AVI, WMV and more so you can play a range of tracks and videos, whatever the source.

OJOsoft Video to Sony NWZ-X1050 Patch is a free patch program to OJOsoft Total Video Converter which is the fast Video to NWZ-X1050 changer. It will help you a lot when you want to convert videos and watch them on your Sony NWZ-X1050. In this patch, we preset a profile designed especially for Sony NWZ-X1050 according to its video parameters.

NOTE: If you didn't install OJOsoft Total Video Converter yet, it will automatically download the changer on your computer when you download OJOsoft Video to Sony NWZ-X1050 Patch.


fast encode Video to Sony NWZ-X1050

1. Download and install the changer - OJOsoft Total Video Converter
2. Download OJOsoft Video to Sony NWZ-X1050 Patch and install
3. Run OJOsoft Total Video Converter
4. Load the input videos for conversion
5. You can select "To MP4" as the output video format.
6. Click the profile box to open the drop down list. You will find a profile at the bottom we preset for your Sony NWZ-X1050:
    SONY NWZ-X1050 - (MPEG-4, 384 kbps, 15 fps, 320*240)
7. Choose the upper profile for the output. And click "Edit" to customize more parameters if need
8. Hit the big button "Convert" to fast encode videos to NWZ-X1050

About OJOsoft Total Video Converter

OJOsoft Total Video Converter changes between almost all popular video formats with high output quality such as Change ASF to PSP, Changing MPEG to FLV , encode H.264 to 3GP . Specifically, it really is the best changer to fast encode video to Sony NWZ-X1050 with OJOsoft Video to Sony NWZ-X1050 Patch. Enjoy fantastic video on your beloved Sony NWZ-X1050 now.

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