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How to convert YouTube video to MOV? OJOsoft Total Video Converter can convert YouTube to MOV file best. It is your ideal YouTube to MOV converter for converting YouTube to MOV. Free download YouTube MOV converter to convert YouTube to MOV.

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YouTube video to MOV conversion

The YouTube to MOV converter is easy to use and fast to convert YouTube to MOV. Do as the YouTube video to MOV guide for converting YouTube to MOV quickly.

 Convert YouTube to MOV - YouTube MOV Converter

  • Choose TO MOV and MOV is the output format for YouTube to MOV conversion
  • Set MOV file folder by the Browse button next to Output File Name section
  • Use Edit button to adjust settings of your MOV profile
  • Input YouTube videos to YouTube to MOV converter through Browse button next to Input File Name section
  • Convert YouTube video to MOV file now after clicking Convert

Converting YouTube to MOV videos - further study


MOV(Quicktime) is automatically embedded into the browser on download while WMV requires coded embedding or external application streaming. Quicktime(MOV) is more accessable on multiple platforms. WMV tends to compress better, but with new H.264 format in Quicktime, it's becoming less of a problem.

WMV is native to Windows, so it doesn't need an additional download for that platform depending on the WMV media version MOV is much easier to use, while WMV requires a bit of looking to get a decent quality vs compression ratio.

OJOsoft HD Video Converter is another YouTube MOV converter for you to convert YouTube to MOV. And if you want to convert HD files, you should not miss this expert HD converter.

OJOsoft Audio Converter is also an expert converter. It focuses on converting all audio files, like WMA to WAV, AAC to MP3, FLAC to WAV and so on.

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