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OJOsoft Total Video Converter is the satisficing videos converter to convert .mov files to PS3 and support PS3 MOV playback. Referring to the PS3 MOV guide, you can find that converting MOV files to PS3 is quite simple. Nicest converter free download to play PS3 MOV.

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Play .mov format for PS3

PS3 MOV guide shows to convert MOV files and support PS3 MOV playback with few clicks.

Converter for PS3 MOV playback

  • Click TO AVI to choose AVI as the target format in the converter interface
  • Bottom Browse is used to choose folder to save PS3 videos
  • Click Edit items for PS3 profile if you want to change the parameters
  • Add MOV files you want to convert by useing the upper Browse button
  • Click Convert to convert MOV files for PS3 MOV playback

Play PS3 MOV info

ps3 vs ps3 slim

Design of console is the most prominent difference between PS3 and PS3 slim. While PS3 is a bit bulky in appearance, the PS3 slim is sleek and compact. As far as the size and weight is concerned, PS3 slim is 32 percent smaller and 36 percent lighter than PS3. PS3 slim version also sports a faster processor as compared to its ancestor and scores point in terms of storage capacity with its 120 GB and 250 GB versions.

If PS3 was quiet, PS3 slim will totally redefine the word quiet. With an ability to cut down on as much as 30 percent of electricity consumption, PS3 slim again scores brawny points over its ancestor in terms of power consumption. There are a few areas wherein PS3 scores points over PS3 slim version, such as the lack of support for PS2 games, however these drawbacks can be ignored for so many advantages that PS3 slim has.

PS3 MOV files converter

OJOsoft HD Video Converter enables you to play .mov files for PS3. it can also support WMV to MOV, AVI to 3GP, etc. conversion.

OJOsoft DVD Ripper offers an easy and fast way to rip DVD to WMV or DVD videos to other format.

PS3 MOV videos playback - more format conversion

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