Lossless MJPEG video conversion with MJPEG converter software

MJPEG Converter program free download

OJOsoft Total Video Converter is the best MJPEG converter tool to convert MJPEG to popular audios or video file type such as MJPEG to 3GP, MJPEG to AVI, MJPEG to FLV, MJPEG to MPEG, MJPEG to MPG, MJPEG to TS, MJPEG to VOB, also it can convert other videos to MJPEG format. Free download.

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MJPEG conversion with MJPEG converter tool

Lossless convert MJPEG videos to multimedia players

The MJPEG converter can lossless convert MJPEG video to video or audio players such as MJPEG to iPhone, MJPEG to iPod, MJPEG to PSP, MJPEG to Zune easy and fast.

Codec for AVI to MJPEG conversion

The MJPEG converter is the best codec for conversion from AVI video format to MJPEG.

MJPEG to MPEG4 converting software

The MJPEG converter is an easy MJPEG to MPEG4 converting tool to convert MJPEG to MPEG4 quickly.

Convert MJPEG to WMV file format

It will convert MJPEG file to WMV format with highest quality.

Fast MJPEG to H.264 conversion tool

The MJPEG converter is designed for converting MJPEG to H.264 at fast speed.

Converting FLV to MJPEG format with best quality

It is a powerful converter for converting FLV to MJPEG in the easiest way.

Best conversion from MJPEG to DivX format

The MJPEG converter can easily realize the conversion from MJPEG to DivX.

MJPEG to MP4 converting program

The MJPEG converter is a powerful MJPEG to MP4 converting program, enables you to convert MJPEG to MP4 with fast speed.

Support MJPEG to MOV conversion

It supports the conversion from MJPEG to MOV with high speed and excellent quality.

Ripping DVD to MJPEG file format

OJOsoft DVD Ripper is the best ripper tool for converting DVD to MJPEG file format with best quality.

More about MJPEG video format

MJPEG VS h.264

Some people contend M-JPEG is better because it provides clearer images at lower frame rates. But it is actually not true when compared to H.264. Even if you decide to use I-frames only in H.264, it will still be only half the size file of an M-JPEG compression and provide better image quality. Compared to M-JPEG, H.264 takes just one-fifth of the bandwidth and storage to maintain the same quality image. However, H.264 is a more complex compression standard.


With moving cameras or images of high activity areas, MPEG4 provides little bandwidth savings relative to MJPEG. Unlike MJPEG, with MPEG-4 vendors deviate from standards, increasing potential integation costs. But MJPEG provides higher quality because of no intra-frame compression.

To convert HD files to MJPEG video, OJOsoft HD video converter is the easy converter for your choice.

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