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DV Conversion - best digital video editing software free download

OJOsoft Total Video Converter is the best DV converter software to convert digital video, such as DV to AVI, DV to MOV, DV to WMV, DV to MP4. It is the most professional mini DV converter to convert mini DV cassette. You can free download the DV editing software to edit JVC mini DV now.

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Convert digital video with DV converter software

DV conversion from DV to AVI

Best digital video editing software helps you convert digital video to AVI with few steps.

Convert DV to MOV

The professional DV converter software is easy to use and fast in converting DV to MOV.

DV to WMV converter

DV converter enables you to convert DV to WMV in just several minutes.

Converting DV to MP4 via DV editing software

After downloading and operating mini DV converter, you can find that converting mini DV tapes to MP4 is just a piece of cake now.

Mini DV converter - further items

DV file format

DV file format is a format for recording and playing back digital video. It is an intraframe compression scheme, which uses the discrete cosine transform (DCT) to compress video on a frame-by-frame basis while audio is stored uncompressed. DV was originally designed for recording onto magnetic tape.

Mini DV Tape is enclosed into cassettes of four different sizes: small, medium, large and extra-large. Mini DV cassettes are used for recording baseline DV, DVCAM and HDV. DV enabled filmmakers to produce movies inexpensively and became strongly associated with independent film and citizen journalism.

Mini DV conversion - professional converters

Mini DV conversion can be achieved by OJOsoft HD Video Converter too. It can act as a professional mini DV converter to convert JVC mini DV tapes. It can also be an AVI converter to convert AVI to MP3, AVI to iPhone, AVI to MOV. Free try of the nice DV converter software is allowed.

OJOsoft Audio Converter is a professional audio converter to convert audio files, like WMA to WAV, AAC to MP3, FLAC to WAV. You have free access to experience it.

DV converter - popular conversion

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