How to activate OJOsoft Products

Activation code for OJOsoft software

Once you have bought the software, you will receive an email with the license code from us. The code is like XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX. In order to turn the trial version into full version, you need to activate the product with the license code. If you haven't got the license code, you need to buy the software from

License code lost or software uninstalled

If you have lost the license code, please contact us at In the email please include the details of your order such as your order ID, product name, order date, registered email and registered name etc..
If you haven't installed the product on your computer, please go to the page of to download and install it.

How to activate OJOsoft products

Start the program. Click the Help button, choose Activate....

How to activate OJOsoft Products

Copy the License code and paste it in the text box of the activate panel. Click Activate Now..

Activation code for OJOsoft software

If what you bought is a bundle software, you need to activate the software within the bundle. If you get the Invalid message, maybe you are trying to activate the single OJOsoft product. So please uninstall any OJOsoft products on your computer first. Download and install the bundle software at And then activate any product of the Suite with your license code.

If there is any problem when you activate a product. First, please check whether you bought the right product or opened the right product. Second, please make sure there is no space bars on both side of the license code. If you have other problems not mentioned above, please send an email to We suggest that the email should contain the screenshot of error dialog box.

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